3 Car Garage Plans

Many changes have taken place in a span of half a century. During the 1950’s, it was standard to have a garage that accommodates just one vehicle. More than 40% of the homes in that era have this common garage type. Meanwhile some have no garage at all.

Fast forward into the present years, over two – thirds of the new homes have, not just one but two car garages. Moreover, about 19% of the homes in the country have 3-car garages.

According to Jerry Howard, CEO and executive vice president of NAHB, the country’s industry for home building have a trend that is leaning towards 3-car garages. He said that this trend is especially obvious in areas where the houses do not have the usual basements. Because of this lacking feature, many are opting for 3-car garage in these new homes.

Even in other areas, the 3-car garage plan is becoming featured in markets all over the country.

Furthermore, Howard declares that the statistics of the Census Bureau confirms this new trend of 3-car garage plan present in four of the Census Bureau areas. The Midwest and the West are among the areas leading this trend.

For most people, it was seen that the primary reason of their inclination towards 3-car garage plan is that the design offers substantial storage space. In the NAHB surveys, this reason is the consistent preference on new features for the home.

Aside from vehicles, large garages like 3-car garages can be used for storing garden and yard equipment, seasonal equipments for sports and recreation and others items. Furthermore, garage builders find that consumers have an increasing preference for 8-foot by 10-foot garage doors instead of the standard 7-foot by 9-foot doors. They prefer this because their SUV’s are easily accommodated.

As garages become larger, the new models like the 3-car garage plan have become quite sophisticated. People are finding extensive and elaborate built-in systems for shelving and storing things. There are also additional features like utility sinks, workshops, and other amenities.

Nowadays, most people are viewing the garage as an extension of their houses. Some buyers of a 3-car garage plan even tend to consider it as a second home and install cooling and heating features in the space to be cozier.

One amazing feature of the 3-car garage plan is that it allows enough space for builders to build a second floor like a “bonus room” which can be used for other functional purposes.

3 car garage ideas

3 car garage ideas

The bonus rooms are very much appreciated in areas of upscale homes because it provides a flexible space, which can be converted several times for any kind of function. It can be used as a home office, kids’ playroom, exercise room, extra bedroom, loft, servants’ quarters or just plain extra storage area. The uses can be converted from time to time as need arises. The possibilities of these bonus rooms in 3-car garage plan are limitless. see also : RV Garage Plans 2017

Since it mainly offers extra space and extra amenities, besides, it is no wonder that the 3-car garage plan is quite trendy nowadays. It is clear that people like its options for flexible customization.

Concerning area measurements, the 3-car garages, with the bonus room is quite similar with the size of a typical newly built home during the 1950’s. The average floor area is about 1000 sq.ft.

Making a 3-car garage plan, placing or building it is quite daunting. However, the builders have a standard action to place them beside the house rather than in front because of its prominence. see also : Awsome Residential Garage Design

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