4 delicious easy-to-prepare chicken appetizers

Chicken is one of the most delectable of all meats. Lean, mean and packed with proteins and nutrients, the world’s most loved “white meat” can be safely consumed by everyone. Its succulent texture and distinct flavor has made it a popular fixture on the tables of banquets, buffets and restaurants across the globe. It is a versatile meat, which can be prepared in a variety of different ways. You could temper it with spices or mince it into sandwiches, or even grill it with a smattering of barbecue sauce. The sky is the limit when it comes to preparing this much-appreciated delicacy. The versatility of chicken is what makes it a great appetizer. Here, we shall discuss some popular chicken appetizers that are guaranteed to make your mouth water with delight.

Southern fried chicken – Chicken has always been an integral component of soul food – a style of cuisine that originated in the southern parts of the United States. Southern fried chicken which is basically small sections of the bird such as the thighs, breasts and the wings cooked in batter has become a staple item in most fast food chains today. Fried chicken is very quick and easy to make. Simply temper the meat with spices such as garlic, red pepper, thyme and dry dip mix and toss it into the deep fat fryer. When the meat turns golden brown, you have yourself a heavenly piece of fried chicken. This appetizer goes extremely well with orange soda – a combo much loved by the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Chicken kababs – A popular finger food, which originated in the Middle East and South Asia, chicken kebabs are scrumptious appetizers. They are very easy to prepare and require minimal cooking expertise. Using the boneless breasts and thighs of the bird, the meat is cut into cubes, marinated in spices and skewered along with a mix of vegetables and fruits including onions, pineapple, bell pepper and tomatoes. When the meat reaches a consistent dark brown consistency, remove it from the grill and serve hot with a suitable dip.

Grilled chicken wings – If you have enjoyed feasting on fried chicken wings at your local KFC outlet, then you are bound to love its grilled variant. Simply marinate the wings in Thai sauce or a barbecue sauce and place it in the grill to simmer. Grilled chicken wings are an excellent easy appetizer that is best served before a spicy main course. The barbecue sauce when combined with the succulent meat of the bird creates an explosive taste in the mouth.

Chicken Bites– For an informal get together, nothing will delight your guests more than a platter of chicken bites served with dip. Similar to chicken nuggets, chicken bites can be baked or deep-fried in beer batter. Baked chicken bites are ideally marinated using creamy garlic dressing or Worcestershire sauce to give it a tangy punch.

So there you have it – four delicious and easy appetizer recipes that are bound to titillate the taste buds and pallets of your guests. Depending on the occasion, you could serve them hot with a chilled soda, mocktail or a full bodied red wine.

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