5 Biggest Scholarships that Can Be Awarded to Students

Many students dream of earning a huge scholarship. One that pays their college tuition to a prestigious university, or perhaps even a little more. There’s not much a student could do to make their parents happier than to tell them not to worry about college expenses–tuition is free.

The 5 Largest, Most Impressive College Scholarships:

1. The Warren L. Davis Scholarship: This scholarship is given to two students, getting ready to begin their college career at Albright College, each year. These lucky students will be rewarded for their hard work with a $110,000 scholarship, which will cover the cost of their entire education. All that these students have to do is keep up a 3.3 GPA throughout their education. see also : Types of Scholarship for College Students

2. The Arcadia University President’s Scholarship: Incoming students to Arcadia University, located in Pennsylvania, may qualify for this scholarship. A few students are considered each year, based on their educational performance and leadership abilities. This award totals $117,360, or four years of tuition, as long as students continue to maintain a high GPA.

3. The Seaver Leadership Scholarship: This scholarship offers incoming freshman an impressive $186,080. Students interested inClaremont-McKenna College, which is right outside of Los Angeles, California, may be a little more interested in raising their grades after hearing about this opportunity. The winners are chosen based on test scores, grades, extracurriculars, and a number of other factors.

4. Kent County Vincent Hynson ’87 Scholarship: Another impressively large scholarship, which equals $160,000, is offered to students located in Kent County, Maryland. Students in this area, that are applying to Washington College, may want to study extra hard to be eligible for free tuition. This scholarship is given based on grades, leadership ability, volunteer work, and a student’s ACT or SAT score.

5. United States Coastal Guard Academy: Quite possibly the most impressive scholarship is given to every student that gets accepted into this prestigious academy. Each student is awarded with free tuition and free room and board, plus an extra $8,760 to spend on supplies and personal expenses. This scholarship is one that actually pays students for going to school. To many, it may almost sound too good to be true. see also :  Scholarship Application Process

While there are a wide variety of high paying scholarships, these five offer the biggest payouts. This proves that students who work hard and focus on their education can be handsomely rewarded for their efforts. As most students, as well as their parents, would agree, a large scholarship really is worth the extra credit, long study hours, and tutoring sessions it takes to succeed.

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