5 Easy Appetizer Ideas

What better way to spread good cheer and warm the cockles of your guest’s hearts than with a delicious platter of assorted appetizers? Aside from stirring up an appetite for the main course, appetizers are the highlight of any party. Each occasion has its own specific appetizers. For instance the appetizers you would find at a wedding reception would be a lot more traditional than those at an informal get together. Fast and easy to prepare, appetizers are a saving grace when you are pressed for time and keep your guests content while you rustle up the entrée in the kitchen. So, keep your napkins and side plates at hand as we introduce you to some easy appetizer recipes that will wow the guests at your next party.

Classic appetizers

The classic appetizers that are common to most occasions include crackers and cheese, olives,nuts and different varieties of bread. In fact bread and crackers cleanse the palate when there is a choice of wines served. Breads that have a subtle sweet flavor are ideal for such occasions, as they do not offset the sweetness of the wine.

Say cheese!

Cheese when served with a robust red wine, make for an explosive combination. The salty, creamy flavor of the cheese combines marvelously with the tart sweetness of wine. When serving cheese, keep cocktail forks and knives handy so that your guests can serve themselves. Avoid serving cheeses that have a strong aroma as it would create an unsavory situation for your guests.

Cocktail accompaniments

Olives are an excellent accompaniment at any cocktail party. You could serve them in the form of margaritas or with wine. Olives with a subtle salty flavor should be preferred over the more spicy varieties when serving them with wine, so as not to counter the flavors of the spirit. Nuts being neutral in flavor are also excellent cocktail accompaniments.

Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a blanket are one of the classic appetizer recipes that never get old. These are basically made by slicing pieces of Vienna sausage or a hot dog and then wrapping them up in a crescent roll. Pigs in a blanket are a fast and easy appetizer that can be made in a hurry. Simply chop a can of crescent rolls, wrap around the sausage meat and let it bake in the oven for sometime. The oils and fat present in the sausage would cook the meat and crescent rolls together. Guests are bound to enjoy this delicacy with an aged red wine.


Wontons are originally an Asian delicacy that has now become a popular appetizer at most parties. They are made out of ground meat, which can be either beef or chicken. The meat is combined with vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and onions and blended into a creamy mixture. It is then stuffed into a Wonton wrapper and deep-fried until golden brown. They go excellently well with a spicy dip.

When it comes to delighting your guests, nothing does the trick better than a scrumptious appetizer. They can be rustled up within minutes using everyday ingredients. So, the next time you organize a party, be sure to experiment in the kitchen and come up with some mouth-watering appetizers to kick off the occasion.

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