Aggressive Dog Training

Oftentimes, people think that owning a pet dog is just as easy as acquiring it from a pet shop. Unfortunately, it’s not. Dogs, like any other pets, should be taken care and treated as a family member. And as a family member, he should also enjoy the benefits of being one. And if you’re thinking that pampering your dog is the answer to having an obedient “best friend,” well you got to think again. More often that not, imposing this kind of treatment to your dog can cause a lot more trouble.  This is just one of the many reasons why dogs tend to become aggressive.  Their aggressive behavior can be traced down to how they were raised. Hence, if you are a guilty owner, it’s time for you to know how aggressive dog training works.

Knowing that they are always favored gives them the impression that they are dominant even to their owners.  And aggression occurs when the dog wants to emphasize that he is dominant among all. Hierarchy is important to this type of animals because they often belong to certain groups. Unfortunately, dogs also consider their owners as part of the groups where they belong. Thus, if you follow whatever he wants, it would make him feel that he is more superior than you are.

However this does not mean that you should neglect your dog when trying to carry out aggressive dog training. Disregarding your pet or being mean to him makes him all the more as aggressive as what you can imagine. This would more likely make him feel abandoned and unloved, thus, increasing his fears and nervousness.

Aside from being pampered or neglected, dog’s aggressive behavior also roots back to what they call territorial aggression. Dogs become aggressive when he tends to become more protective of his home and his owners, thus, when he feels that his family is in danger, he becomes aggressive, which can be advantageous at most times. Nevertheless, no matter how much good it can be for you, you should still know how to discipline your dogs, thus aggressive dog training is a must.

First thing you can do is to help your dog become sociable. This goes to both people and other dogs. This can be done by exposing them outside the house at times, so they become more accustomed to the presence of others, hence making them a lot friendlier and at the same time it would help decrease their fears when they stay outside the house.

Another thing you can do is to let your dog know the difference between what an acceptable behaviour is and what is not. You can do this by encouraging and rewarding your dog only and only if he does the right thing, and discouraging him and saying no when he is doing otherwise.

Aggressive dog training is not an easy task. However, it is important to note that taking care of your pet doesn’t mean spoiling him and giving him everything he wants. Just like an ordinary person, you should teach him with the right manners and good conduct.

Nevertheless, if you seem helpless, you can always call for help and consult a veterinarian, they would know what to do best.

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