Balsamic Chicken Recipe with Mushrooms

Well guys, it seems as though most all of your essentials were mine as well! Greek yogurt, fruits & veggies,  nut butters, oatmeal, cereal, milk, eggs, wraps, lean meats, tofu….Love it all!
I wanted to share some things that I adored as a kid!
Wizard of Oz


Applesauce + Mac N Cheese (Together, yes don’t knock it till you try it)
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Mariah Carey


I still love her and her music, but when I was younger I actually wanted to BE HER. No joke. I was obsessed.
When You Give a Mouse a Cookie


My mom or dad read this book to me. Every night. 
POGS! (anyone remember these?)
Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA (remember SEGA?!) I played this for hours with my brother!!
My Brother


I still love my brother, but growing up, I wanted to dress (hence the sweat suit) and be Just like him!! He is two years older than me and we are very close!
Ok onto some eats!



Last night I made a killer chicken dish! I started with about 1 lb chicken breast tenderloins. I threw them in a pan with some olive oil spray. see also : Rosemary Balsamic Chicken Breast recipe

I flipped them over, then threw on about 3/4 of a package of sliced button mushrooms.
I dropped in 2 tsp of garlic and about 1/4 C white wine to the pan. I let everything cook and come together until the chicken was done.

Then I doused in the pan my secret sauce

  • 3 TBSP balsamic vinegar
  • 1 TBSP rice wine vinegar
  • 1 TBSP dijon mustard
  • 1/2 TBSP sugar free maple syrup
  • 1 TBSP honey
  • 1 TSP dried thyme
Dinner is served. 
I roasted up some broccoli, sweet onion with some olive oil, salt and pepper
Microwaved 1/2 of a sweet potato
And the main dish!
This morning I woke up and hit the gym for a little cardio sesh. I was going to do the Fit Test INSANITY today, so I didn’t want to do to much.  I stuck with a 20 min HIIT workout.
Breakfast is served. 1/2 C oat bran with 1 TBSP chia seeds, 1/2 banana and fresh strawberries. Frozen blueberries added at the end, 1 TBSP creamy peanut butter.

Lunch was packed and ready to be eaten around 1:15. Bay Leaves?! Yes, I had Bay Leaves

I kid, I kid….I did make homemade salad dressing, stored in a Bay Leaf container! Simple balsamic vinegar, olive oil and mustard. Shake shake shake

Dressed on my large salad. Romaine, mushrooms, red pepper, cucumber

I had a delicious turkey sandwich on a sandwich thin with my salad. Turkey breast, Laughing Cow wedge, romaine, cabbage slaw, sprouts, hummus. see also : Grilled chicken recipe

Apple pre-INSANITY fit test.

Yes, I was nervous

  • Those are the moves, and those are my numbers. You count how many you can do in 1 min (with a few rules of reps for some of the moves) I  was POOPED. All in all the workout is 10 minutes long (1 min each) I burned a total of 144 calories with a max HR of 174! This kicked my butt and it was only the fit test. We are supposed to do this test every 2 weeks, so see if our numbers improve. As you can see my handwriting was quite messy because well, I was quite shaky!
  • I am really looking forward to starting the workouts. I know it is going to kick my butt, but in a good way, and I love my butt to be kicked when it comes to workouts. I also really like Shaun T. He is not too corny and intense and pushes you just enough!

Some post workout fuel. greek yogurt with Kashi Go Lean
Dinner was some left overs
Left over balsamic chicken and mushrooms!

Roasted broccoli and cabbage slaw, and 1/2 sweet potato
and thats a wrap. I am pooped guys. Just watching some Idol then hitting the sheets HARD. I have a 4 mile run when I go to work tomorrow, I lead a running club, so that will be my workout, then hopefully start the first INSANITY workout on Friday!
  • Do you like to be PUSHED when you workout by music, or an instructor or a DVD or do you like to just ‘do your own thing’
  • What do you remember that you loved growing up?
  • What is your favorite ‘flavors’ right now? (can be ANYTHING!) I am loving anything banana flavored, I think that has to do with my new BSN banana nut protein powder!!

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