Basic Lean ground beef with Mushrooms and onions

Ground Beef recipe – Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! Almost through the week, so lets look at it this way instead of the week is only half over. My new thing—POSITIVITY. Well I have always been a positive person, but I truly feel that if you remain positive even through thick and thin–it makes the world a brighter place. The power of a smile, giving a compliment to a stranger, seeing teh glass half full are all things I want to work on this month.
So my breakfast was delicious as usual. I look forward to it each and everyday. Well these days, I look forward to all of my meals but this one in particular! Oatmeal mixed with cinnamon and stevia over 3 egg whites and some frozen berries. 
Paired with some coffee. My roommate and I got some new coffee from Marshalls last week. This one isSeattles Best Hazelnut Creme and it is DELICIOUS
On Monday, I had a ME day to say the least. It was my rest day from exercise, and I got out of work early (I usually do on Mondays) I had scheduled a 60 minute massage for the afternoon. Last year I purchased aLivingSocial coupon for a 60 minute massage and it expires next month. Monday was the best day to use it for me. It was the right time, right state of mind and I was craving some relaxation time. It was great! I have to say I probably wouldn’t pay full price for the place that I went to, but for $38 it was perfect!
Side note-I am loving these group buy sites! I get all of the emails, and usually don’t purchase anything but recently there have been some good buys! I just bought a $40 coupon to use at City Sports (which is a big sporting goods store in the Boston area) for only $20! HELLOOOOO New Nikes!
I made some delicous tilapia for dinner that night. I put on some TJ 21 salute seasoning, spicy mustard and rosemary and just cooked it in the oven for about 15 minutes. It was delicious! I bought a HUGE bag of frozen tilapia from Costco on Sunday, so get ready to see lots of it! On the side I had some spinach. I tweeted about the way I cooked my spinach and got lots of responses so I”ll break it down for you . see also : Fiber one crusted Banana-Tofu french toast
  • I bought a big bag of fresh spinach (not frozen…I think frozen would not work out so well with this method) I sprayed a pan with EVOO spray and placed the spinach on it as if it were kale chips.
  • Sprayed the tops of the spinach once on the cookie sheet and doused with some TJ 21 salute and a bit of nooch.
  • I placed the cookie sheet in a hot oven (around 400 degrees) for only about 8-10 minutes. I checked on it 5 min in–this stuff cooks FAST.
  • It came out a bit crunchy, but also a bit soft and tender. It was half like kale chips and half like tender spinach. The combination was awesome and I ate the ENTIRE 16oz bag! (you all know how much that stuff shrinks anyways) It was so great!


I also got such a thoughtful gift from a friend, Paige! She knows I am obsessed with basically anything and everything NEON. I love neon colors and wish I could live in a highlighter box. She got me some awesome highlighters and a neon pad of paper! It was so thoughtful. I am all about thoughtful gifts> materialistic ones.
Can’t wait to write notes on this!
Another delicious dinner I made this week! 93% lean ground beef (I am on SUCH a ground beef kick lately!) I am loving it. I simply cook it in a pan with either mushrooms or peppers or onions or any combination of the 3. I throw on some italian seasonings or whatever seasonings look good at the time and let it cook away!
Post cooking. I just let it drain out on some paper towel after while it cooled
Meanwhile I threw together a simple baby spinac salad with mushrooms and balsamic vinegar
Ground beef and collard greens! It was so good. I absolutely adore greens–kale, spinach, mustard greens (Jessica-don’t listen) I also love finding new ways to cook with them. My mom always throws greens in her homemade soups to bump up the volume and nutritional factor. I love roasting my greens, but also cooking them stovetop with simple olive oil and garlic. YUM. see also : Balsamic Roasted Vegetables Recipe
More salad

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