Becoming Your Own Dog’s Trainer with Dog Training Aids

Ten reasons to train your dog:

  1. Training educates the dog as well as the owner.
  2. Training allows time to create a bond between the owner and his pet.
  3. The owner will be respected by the dog as the authority figure.
  4. Training may help redirect dog’s behavioral problems such as jumping and barking.
  5. Training will provide a variation in a dog’s day to day life.
  6. Training will make an impression to people.
  7. Trained dogs are much more manageable than those that are not.
  8. Concessions may be given to trained dogs.
  9. Chances are trained dogs may be made to compete in sports.
  10. It is a pleasure to own a trained dog.

Before commencing your dog training, it is advisable that you posses the correct tools for the job. With the use of the sufficient dog training aids, you are in no doubt likely to achieve the training which will enable your dog to respond and listen to your commands during dog obedience training. An example of an effective dog training aid is the training collar. see also : Bulldog Dog Training

There is an array of dog training aids in the market, you as a buyer, must have sufficient knowledge on their use and importance.

Buckle collar- also known as the Tag collar. It fits on your dog’s neck holds your pet’s identification tags. However, this dog training aid provides the least control over your dog; it nonetheless restrains him from unnecessary movements. Moreover, this type of dog training collar must be used only to dogs that are already well-trained.

dog training aids

dog training aids

Slips Chain Collar- this is bitterly known as the Choke collar. It works by releasing motion principle through the use of snap. Once the tug is leashed, this dog training aid will tighten around the dog’s neck which may result to mild choking.

Gentle Leader- on the other hand, does not choke the dog; it allows the owner to lead the dog by the head instead. It is also known as the Halti Lead which is useful for aggressive dogs and shy dogs. This dog training aid is recommended if a child should handle the pet.

Prong collar- is an electronic collar, also recognized for names such as self-correcting or pinch collar. It works by pinching the dog’s neck at your own discretion. But not so fast, pinch collar is not a dog training aid for torture. Actually, it permits the pet owner to adjust the level of the effect of pinching on your dog- depending on the breed and size of your pet.

This is an effective supplementary dog training aid if the choke collar or the gentle leader do not work.

Leash- to help you control your dog, a leash must accompany the use of a dog training collar.

Crate- in general crates are big cages which may be made of plastic, fiber glass or iron. If the dog is properly trained with this dog training aid, the crate may be a comfortable place for your pet, a hide away or a safe confinement. It is available in varying sizes and forms, but it is essential that the dog is well-provided with sufficient place inside to stand and move around.

Treats- are basically used in dog obedience training as a reward. This dog training aid is effective in luring the dog’s attention and encourages him to obey the command given to him. see also : Dog Training Equipment For House Training

It is important that proper dog training aids are combined with an affirmative attitude coming form the trainer.

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