Benefits of Dog Therapy

There are times in life when we all need a friend who can help lift our spirits and give us unconditional love. Sadly, it’s not everyone that has a person like that in their life, but that doesn’t mean that they have to feel alone. Dog therapy is often used to help people that can use a little bit of love, and a little extra motivation. see also : Benefits Of Homeschooling High Schools- Let Your Teens Discover Their Talents

If this is a term that is new, you are probably wondering what is a therapy dog? They are canines that have been trained to be loving and affectionate. They are most commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and also in places where people could use a little emotional lift.

Therapy dogs usually fall into three different categories, with each one delivering its own particular set of benefits. The first of the canine groups is known as Therapeutic Visitation dogs. They may visit hospitals, nursing homes, and basically any place that houses people that may have to be away from their home for an extended period of time. Being in one of those places can be depressing, especially since you have to be away from your family, which includes the family pet. The main benefit of these types of visits is cheering up the patient. The introduction of a therapy dog often inspires patients to truly commit to therapy or treatments so that they can get home to their own furry friend.

The next group of therapy dogs are known as Animal Assisted Therapy dogs. They help patients with physical therapy. These are more like working dogs than the visitation type, as the benefits they provide are both mental and physical. These dogs not only lift the spirits of the patients they see, but they also help the physical therapist with specific exercises that have been put in place for the patient. This type of pet assisted therapy really does deliver a dual purpose in getting the patient mobile while also enjoying the company and unconditional love of a dog.

The first two types of therapy dogs are usually brought in on an as needed basis. The third type are Facility Therapy Dogs which are usually kept at nursing homes on a full-time basis. They are traditionally used for older patients that have memory issues brought on by Alzheimer’s and other ailments where confusion can come into play. They are somewhat similar to Seeing Eye dogs in that they make sure the patient goes where he or she is supposed to, as well as acting as a loving companion for those patients that may also need a little TLC.

As you can see, therapy dogs deliver a lot of benefits to people in all different kinds of facilities. Whether it’s a visit to a child in the hospital, or an older person in a nursing home, therapy dogs can deliver a smile and a reason to feel better, even when the chips are down. see also : Benefits Of Coffee

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