Benefits of quitting smoking

An age-old paradigm in the matter of tobacco addiction suggests that once a smoker, always a smoker. Yet much like any other substance abuse addiction, it can be cured by taking the appropriate steps to eradicate the ‘craving’ that often leaves the smoker hapless until he can increase those nicotine levels in his body again by reaching out for another packet of cigarettes. And the first step to take is to create an awareness that clearly lists the short and long term benefits of quitting smoking.

So what are some of the benefits of quitting smoking?

Actually, there are several benefits ( see also :Health Benefits Of Soy – Facts )but the most significant of them all is to rid yourself of the aforementioned age-old paradigm, and replace it with a sense of “I am in control of my life”.

Apart from just giving that sense of control, there are other immediate benefits that make themselves evident from the time you kick the habit:

a.   Your sense of taste and smell improve.

b.   Your stamina and energy levels increase along with your blood pressure and pulse rate coming back to normal.

c.   Your teeth (due to tar), skin (lack of oxygen) and manhood (drop in sperm production) all get a respite from quitting smoking.

d.   Phlegm production comes back to normal, hence getting rid of that cough that smokers often have to deal with.

e.   Apart from reducing the risk of heart attacks and cancer, one will also notice the increase in fitness levels as well which is noticeable if the smoker exercises regularly.

f.    Your friends and family get a breather, too.

g.   Last and definitely not the least, you save a good amount of money that could add up in the long run.

It’s not that these benefits of quitting smoking aren’t obvious to people but sometimes all it really takes is a rational and firm choice to say no to cigarettes, while using effective products to assist with the effort, one being the GreenSmoke E-cigarette that has proved helpful to smokers. It’s never too late to quit smoking, and remember that this is just another challenge that you can overcome! see also : Health Benefits Of Running

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