Best Korean Pork Bulgogi Recipe

Hello, readers.  This month has been a doozy.  It’s like the fast forward button on the VHS got stuck.  Slow down, I want to relish this month of love.  Most of my time has been filled with scholarly activity for my last and final quarter.  My final project is creating a restaurant from start to finish.  What does this entail?  Well I  have to create a business plan, budget, menu, create the space, make sure there is sufficient staff, equipment, and so on and so on.  Things a kitchen professional would have to deal with in a real restaurant.  My concept is inspired by England and the name of my restaurant is The Abbey.  A booth and scrumptious appetizers are required for prospective employers to decide whether or not one is worthy.  No pressure at all.  I’m still attending my artisanal bread class and advance baking and pastry class as well. In addition to my major project, I have to create a fabulous three tiered cake for my final in pastry class.  My cake is going to have lace made from sugar and double as a receptacle for my scones for The Abbey booth.  The focal point will be an abbey made of nougatine.  Nougatine is caramel mixed with almonds.  It’s no fun to work with when it cools.

Mid-February, another season of volleyball started for the 8th grade girls I’ve been coaching for two years.  Sadly, they will be moving on to high school after this season.  Aside from what I’ve mentioned, it’s business as usual with the younglings and volunteering at their school.  I’ve decided to wait until March to pursue my new career, so I can have more breathing room.

If this sounds very busy, it is, but I feel lucky to be able to do what I do.  This is a great segue into my latest.

Make something great out of a piece of fruit that has gone south.  A great example is this asian pear. This pear has over ripened, but is so perfect for my rendition of the Korean staple bulgogi.

Don’t throw this Shriveled Asian Pear Away

Heavily Trim All the Brown Away

Process the Marinade

Marinate for 1 hour

This Wok is 35 Years Old

Woks are supposed to look dirty, don’t wash your wok, it will take the seasoning away.  It would be like giving a human a lobotomy and wiping their memory away.  If you start with a new wok, you will notice how the age of the wok will affect the flavor of your food.

The fruit, soy sauce, and brown sugar will turn in to Caramelized GoodnePork Bulgogi

Eaten Best with a Quick Pickle

Pickled Carrots, Cucumber, Onions, and Cabbage


Pork Bulgogi

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