Birthday Cake for Lea

I KNOW I KNOW… I haven’t been posting like for ages! Those who know me and read my other blog knows that I have started work just a month ago, thus has no time for such luxury bake-venture for the past month. By the time I get off work, I am just exhausted but I sometimes think about what I would love to bake in my mind. Guess if I can’t bake them in my kitchen, my mind will have to be my ‘playground’ for a while.

Birthday Cake recipe

Birthday Cake recipe

Still that didn’t stop me from making a quick bake few days ago for my daughter’s birthday. It would have been easier to buy a cake but I really want to bake one for her. I didn’t really do a good job on the decor because I was rushing to drop the goodie bags at school. If there was time, I would have wanted to do a cartoon charactor or even a Barney cake. I had about half and hour to complete before I went to kindy with the goodie bags. So a quick number 5 and lots of gummies made up for the decor on the cake. But she was delighted when she got home later. We went out for dinner and then came home and had her made the wish on her cake.. She wished for a pet dog (sigh) she told me loudly! see also : My Metric Carrot Cake Recipe

Want to bake one? Here’s my recipe:

60gm Self Raising Flour
60gm Plain Flour
60gm Premium Cocoa Powder
110gm Sugar
4 eggs
250gm Butter
1 dessert spoon Vanilla essence
1 dessert spoon Brandy

Sift the flours and cocoa powder together and set aside. Cream butter and sugar till it becomes pale and creamy. Add in eggs, one by one, beating well. Add the Vanilla Essence followed by Brandy. When the mixture is all mixed well together, fold in the flour.

In a preheated oven set to 180 deg C, bake your cake in a lined and greased pan for about 20 – 25 minutes til the cake is nicely browned at the top. Use a tooth pick to insert to make sure it comes out nice and clean. see also : Strawberry Tropics Cake (premix) by Betty Crocker

Decorate as you wish. I bake in two 6 inch round pans. 7 inch ones do nicely but 6 inch ones give the cake a nice elegant height. Fill in between sandwich with whipped cream or butter icing.

I used butter icing (mixed with some shortening) because I had no space in my fridge so butter icing with shortening hold well without having to place in the chiller for a day.

Butter Icing
50gm Butter
30gm Crisco (shortening)
150gm Icing Sugar (more if needed)
Fresh milk (if too dry)

Beat the butter and crisco together till they are both well blended together. Add icing sugar, beating well till they are just right for spreading. If you find them too dry like crumbly, add a teaspoon of fresh milk each time till you get the right consistency to pipe out. I made sure my icing were a little more dry but pipe-able. This way you won’t get a messy or ‘meltable’ butter icing.

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