Brainstorming New Business Ideas 2017

Writing Your Idea Down

When a brainwave hits, the clouds part, and it seems like you’ve just uncovered the ultimate money-making idea, drop whatever you’re doing, get some quiet space, explore the idea with your mind, and start jotting down notes. Don’t pick up the phone. Don’t turn on the TV. And whatever you do, don’t simply assume you’ll remember the idea the next day.

In those few moments of clarity that may only come along once a month, once every 3 years, or even less (there are many people who may NEVER come up with a good business idea), take advantage of it. Without worrying about the format, simply record your thoughts and go where the idea takes you. Without worrying about the parts you don’t know, jot down the ones parts you do. Without worrying about the business administration, investment capital, or manufacturing requirements, simply roll with the aspects of the idea that seem exciting, original, and guaranteed to make you a million. You can fill in the boring holes and details later on. see also : How to Make Money on Your Website – Using Ads

Using Props and Tools

Create spaces or props to support your brainstorming. If you come up with ideas at home, get yourself a blank notebook. [insert pic of my brown notebook] Or, some people prefer thinking at a keyboard with a word processor (personally, I like notepad.) If you’re a nocturnal thinker, keep wads of paper and pencils by your bed so you can capture the fleeting moments of clarity. If you come up with great ideas while at work, get a stack of sticky notes and jot down reminders to develop at lunch or later on. Keep records in your phone or PDA. Snap pictures of thought-provoking objects, book titles, signs, or other images with your low-res camera phone. Leave yourself phone messages. Do something, anything, to help yourself round the corner from “wow, what a vague, fancy, interesting thought I have” to “here’s a concrete brainstorm which I can easily implement later on.” Whatever you do, do it religiously, and do it often. This is the first commandment of generating and developing great small business ideas! see also : How to Make Money on Your Website – Using Merchandising

There are a few reasons to do it frequently:

  • Most of your ideas will be terrible, so you’ll need a lot to choose from. Don’t take failure personally; its just the price of brainstorming your business. Recording artists typically write 10 songs for every 1 that gets recorded, just as sports stars take 100 shots hoping that a few of them go in. It’s the same thing with brainstorming, so your notebook or camera phone better have lots of room in it…
  • You’ll get better at it over time. After brainstorming 15 businesses and trying 2 or 3 of them, you’ll get much better at realizing which of your ideas are only half-baked, avoiding pitfalls and recognizing recurring holes in your business assumptions.
  • You’ll start to recognize your own patterns. Looking back over your past 15 business ideas, you’ll start to see recurring elements such as revenue model, distribution systems, geographic focus, subject material (cats, software design, etc.), scope, etc. Once you start to see your own patterns, you’ll be able to move beyond your limitations and leverage the ideas that surpass your own preferences and shortcomings.

After the Brainstorming Calms Down…

Once your wave of brainstorming is finished, put your notebook down, go for a bike ride, call up some friends, or do something else active and fun, and come back to your idea in a few days. In other words, let your subconscious play with idea without any help from you.

Often, an idea you thought was brilliant at 10pm the night before can look pretty stupid even by the next morning. Even for brilliant inventors, over 90% of new ideas turn out to be not worth the effort of actually developing. However, if an idea keeps looking good and catching your imagination for a week or longer, it might be time to develop the idea further and consider developing a more detailed business plan. If you’re lucky, the idea will be a hit, it will be easy to implement, and you’ll be off to the small business races before you know it!

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