Business Recruiting: Where Should I Place My Job Ads?

Unemployment rates are higher today than they were during the great Depression. Still, it is not unusual to hear employers lament that time-worn phrase: Good help is hard to find. So, how do you go about business recruiting in order to find qualified and reliable employees? Here are some pointers for where you should be placing your job ads:

Local Newspapers

Even in this Age of Information, a good old fashioned print ad in your local newspaper is still a great way to find new employees. As ad space may be limited, you’ll want to fine-tune your listing so that it contains only the most pertinent information, and then send viewers to your website for further information. To give your ads an impressive, modern spin (and attract forward-thinking applicants), consider embedding a custom QR code into your ad. That way, those people who are interested (and tech savvy) can pay a visit to your site with a simple scan of their smart phones.

Job Search Websites

There are numerous websites out there specifically designed to attract potential employees to your job ads. Make good use of all that you can, as these sites have a good reputation among web surfers, and are very popular even in comparison with your local newspaper. Monster, Simply Hired, Career Builder, Linkup, and Indeed are great places to start, but you can find a host of other sites with a simple online search.

Your Website

Your business website is the perfect place to post all of your job listings. If it doesn’t already have a “Careers,” “Employment,” or “We’re Hiring” section, then it should. People who are interested in working for your company, specifically, will naturally visit your website to find your job listings; therefore, placing job ads on your own website is the perfect way to find employees who are enthusiastic about your business.

Social Networking Sites

If you have a strong social media presence, that can be a great tool for finding new employees. Post your job ads on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and especially LinkedIn (where people are likely to go to search for employment) to put your listing in front of potentially thousands of people instantaneously.

Freelance Sites

If you have work that can be contracted out to an out-of-house, non-permanent employee, then you should consider hiring a freelancer for the job. Post a job listing detailing your project on freelance sites like Odesk and eLance and independent freelancers will bid on it. The great thing about this method is that you will often have several people competing to do the job (which generally equates to a lower price for you).

There is no shortage of places to list your job openings. As finding good employees is a numbers game, be sure to take advantage of all these avenues to find great new additions to your team.

About the Author: Marcel Powderly works as a human resources coach and is constantly introducing his clients to job tracking software and systems they can use to more effectively track and process job applications.

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