Christmas Chocolate Cake Recipe


I know I baked a cake on Wednesday. I baked another one on Thursday. The recipe wasn’t very big.

Okay I lied. It is just an excuse I’m making. To cut the story short, I baked a cake on Wednesday and again, on Thursday. Yes I know, I know. Many posed me this question. How on earth do you finish all the food and still bake again the following day? Do you have a big family? see also : Pink Sponge Cake recipe

Honestly? No. We don’t.

1. We either give it to my neighbours
(they are either smiling, or hiding behind doors *Oh.. No!! Not more food!!! Are we their trash bin?!!*) or

2. I just stuff it in the fridge and pretend I didn’t see it there each time I open the fridge. There..

Ahem. But not yesterday. Wednesday’s Fine Butter Cake was very well received by those who tested it. By the following day, it was still soft, moist and very very fine. Yummy, it just sort of melted in my mouth during breakfast. Enough to send a squirt of saliva (yes I get that sometimes, unabashedly) on my morning papers.

Fine Butter Cake made a day before.



So I was really excited about this new recipe. I wanted to explore other options using this as basic, if it works for a Chocolate cake. A nice moist chocolate cake, that is so fine in texture and totally melts in your mouth. We have brownies, we have cakes and we have chiffons but do we have extra fine chocolate cakes? No? Today I shall find out.

So after the girls were sent to their respective schools, I popped by briefly to the supermart. To get new baking powder. Remember the spots on my fine butter cake? I have a feeling it’s my baking powder because IT WAS OFFICIALLY EXPIRED YESTERDAY… was that the reason it made those brown spots on my cake? I had bought a large tin of baking powder the last time and that will be the LAST TIME I get such a large tin. Too much and it expires before I can use even half of it.. I wanted to get a smaller tin can but there was none..So I looked for Redman’s. Gosh they have only Double Acting Baking powder only in the shop. Bake King’s Baking powder is all out of stock! So I just got whatever local manufacturer brand they had, a small plastic bottle. see also : Oreo Cheesecake with Raspberry Frosting

Before I left the house in the morning, I already placed the butter to let it soften up a little. I measured the ingredients. Here is what I did.

Fine Chocolate Cake
Sieve these flours/powder twice and mix them up well.
100gm Top Flour
40gm Corn Flour
40gm Cocoa Powder
1/3 tsp Baking Powder

150g Butter
110gm Caster Sugar
1 tsp Corn Oil

1 tsp Vanilla Essence
1/3 tsp Salt
3 Eggs

4 tbs Whipping Cream

Cream the butter, oil and sugar till light and fluffy. Add vanilla, salt, mix well.
Add the eggs one by one, mixing well after each addition.
Add the sieved flour mixture and mix it in low speed till it is well blended.
Briefly blend in the whipping cream.

Bake in preheated oven at 175 deg C for about 40 minutes.

I baked it in a Sponge Cake Tube Pan because it is supposed to be light and may explode at the top. True enough it did. In the original recipe (Florence’s Fine Butter Cake), I am supposed to cut a line at the top after 10-15 minutes to let the cake explode neatly but since I’m using a tube pan, I didn’t need to. The cracks that was on the top looked so natural like baking a chiffon sponge.

I also baked half of the batter in a silicon Bear Shaped mould. Just wanted to see how it will look. A Dark Chocolate Coloured Bear.


Cute but doesn’t really stand out. Perhaps unless I coat it with White Chocolate or other frosting? I didn’t really want to. I just wanted to try out the texture of the Chocolate cake. It was really fine. Very fine. It could be because I used Top Flour too.

I don’t have a good camera to show you the texture well. But it’s really very ‘halus’. *fine*



Well this is such an easy recipe. Not as light as a sponge chiffon but this cake doesn’t feel very heavy at all. Like something between a Chocolate Cake and a Chiffon Cake. But once it is in your mouth, it feels quite rich. Would do very nice with whipped cream and strawberries. Yummy.

Next time I’ll bake one and dress it up a bit. For now, I’m just fuelling my passion. I needed to bake.

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