Christmas Homemade Sweet Buns recipe

I have been wanting to make my own bread rolls for a long time and decided to do it this morning. I remembered having done it before but I have not been able to find the perfect recipe that calls for sweet, fluffy and soft rolls. Although I have bread improver, I want to find a recipe that don’t call for it. Also I want to try it by hand kneading before I get a bread machine.

I sourced online many bread making blogs and also those from friends as well. Wanted to find a tried and tested recipe of course. In the few months, I’ve been a quiet reader of Happy Home Baking. I noticed that she uses a sweet bun recipe for some of her yummy breads with fillings. And each of her buns looked so delicious and successful, hence I decided to try out her recipe of Sweet Buns this morning. see also : Christmas Snow Ball Ghee Cookies Recipe

Thanks to her failed proof recipe, I managed to bake a nice and soft textured bread rolls that is sweet and my girls absolutely love it. My younger one is a ‘Bread Connoisseur’ because she will eat only good quality breads and buns! She is the one who ‘approved’ these buns so I know they are good enough! Thanks Happy Home Baker!
Happy Home Baker’s recipe:

150g bread flour
150g cake flour
5g active dry yeast
3g salt
125g milk
1 egg
60g caster sugar
50g butter

How I did mine
Firstly, I mixed the dry ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Yeast and Salt in a large bowl. Mix it up with a whisk. In another small bowl, mixed the milk and an egg together.

When the dry ingredients are all evenly mixed, I made a well in the center and pour the milk-egg mixture into it and with my bare hands, I mix them up to make into a dough. After about 10 minutes, I added the butter and kneaded it.

Kneading is the part where the most work is. When the butter is added, it takes a while before you get a pliable dough that leaves the sides of your bowl and also does not stick to your hands. Different people might yield different timing kneading to make the right consistency but I took about an hour plus of kneading! Good exercise, I must say but I really enjoyed it.

You should knead the dough till it is smooth, not sticky anymore and also when you stretch the dough, it is thin, slightly translucent and doesn’t break off easily.  see also : Birthday Cake for Lea
The ready dough is then placed in a bowl ( I used a stainless steel) and covered the dough with cling wrap, away from drought. I placed it on top of my chest freezer because it has a nice warm temperature.

An hour and a half later, when the dough has risen to double it’s size, you need to punch it down to deflated the gas. Rest it for about 5 minutes and divide them into buns. Place the buns on your baking pan, rest for another 10 minutes, brush it with egg wash ( i wanted to have a crispy top so i added some sugar on it) Now, it’s ready to go into the oven!

Look! I’ve got homemade fresh buns!

It has a nice crispy top (because of the sugar I added)
but the insides were moist and soft..


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