Christmas Snow Ball Ghee Cookies Recipe

Early in the 90’s I remembered fondly of a Hari Raya cookie that was sold in the canteen at Newscentre. The yummy melt-in-your-mouth cookie is none other than Snow Ball, of course.

I had been trying to find this recipe but each time I found a different sort, from those made by semolina, suji, with ground almonds, etc etc. They just aren’t the soft white balls I wanted but tasted more like biscuits. The Snow Ball I’ve tried is soft, dusted with icing sugar, tastes rich and is so delicate to handle but it melts in your mouth and sticks on your teeth. Don’t try to talk when you have one in your mouth. But it tastes so wonderful with Coffee.

Some call it Arab cookies but I am not sure if it is actually the same thing.

Strangely my prayers for the recipe was finally heard by my long time friend just a few days ago after trying out another recipe with ground Almond. She found me on facebook and nevertheless, I asked her if she has a Snow Ball recipe. The next day after she gave me a recipe and I got to work straight away. I had to make sure it was the right one, The Snow Ball that I wanted. see also : Christmas Chocolate Cake Recipe

The verdict? YES YES YES!!! Thanks Miss Ferragamo! You really made my day! I measured ingredients of a quarter recipe at first try. When I found that it was what I wanted, at noon time, I made another half recipe because I figured that it must be a lot to use up the whole kg of flour! But if you are doing a lot for a big family and friends, a full recipe is no problem. I would definitely do it again!

I shall share the original recipe from Miss Ferragamo here. see also : Nutty Chocolate Cookie recipe

The full recipe

4 cups plain flour
1 cup corn flour
1 small can ghee
Icing enough to roll the balls

A full recipe yields about 250 to 300 balls.


In a large mixing bowl, sift the flour, cornflour together and mix them up well. Make a small well in the centre, little by little, add the ghee and using your fingers, rub into the flour. Continue adding ghee, working on the flour by kneading them until you get a dough form that does not stick to your hands.

Roll the dough into little balls. Place the rolled balls on a parchment paper dusted lightly with some flour. Bake at 170 deg C or lower for about 15 to 20 minutes.

When it is baked, take them out, let it cool down a little and roll it in a bowl of sifted icing sugar. Store in airtight containers.

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