Delia’s Ginger Cake recipe

It’s a day for baking. A day for putting the heating on, turning the telly on and curling up with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

But first of all, you’ve got to make your cake. And the odd thing is, I can’t seem to find my copy of Delia Smith’s Baking Book. So it’s probably just as well that I know it well enough that I know what I want to make, and I know what other of her books it’s in. Proudly listed as Delia’s favourite cake, it’s one that I’ve not made before. I dunno, I always thought that it would be the last cake that I’d make from the book. But I’ve got all the ingredients in right now, so I might as well crack on with it. see also : Homemade Chocolate Layer Cake Recipe

The recipe is available on her site, but I also know that it’s available in her ‘How To Cook, Part 1′ so that’s what I used today. I was very good, resisted the urge to tinker and tweak it, so what I ended up with is more or less what you should get if you do it religiously as well. Apart from the cake tin. I don’t have the size specified (15cm x 25.5cm), so I measured a square baking tray and found I had one with the same area and used that one instead. see also : Moist chocolate cake slice recipe

Lovely golden ginger in syrup. The only thing bad with it is that you just have to lick your fingers after fishing them out of the jar. And then you have to get a spoon and double check that the syrup is really ok. And then you find out that you might not have the 2 tablespoons of syrup that you need for the recipe. I managed it. Just.

Anyway, I was supposed to fold, sift, cream, beat – nah, life is too short. I put everything into my mixer and turned it on.

I think that I’ve discovered a gap in the market – does anybody know if there’s a supplier of square pan liners? I’ve got round, loaf tin shaped, muffin, cupcake etc. but there seems to be a distinct lack of square ones.

It took slightly less than the 45 – 50 minutes listed in the book, but that’s probably just my oven.

Looks just like the book, once it’s iced.


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