Delicious Vegetable Sushi recipe

Vegetable Sushi recipe – Good Lord (hand to forehead and swooning gently). What’s this? A new post? Do your eyes deceive you? Nay, gentle readers. I’m trying to return to updating this blog at least once a week. But with my life at the moment, please don’t shout at me if I can’t quite keep it up.

Rightho, what’s first? Well, quite a while ago, I posted a review of one of our favourite restaurants, Oko, and since the first couple of times that we’ve gone, I’ve been making my own Sushi whenever I was in the mood for Japanese food and couldn’t get to the restaurant. They (quite conviently) have the chef out in the open, making the dishes to order, and I’ve got to admit that he might have thought that his luck was in, with the amount of attention that I was paying to him. Ha, it was his technique that I was interested in. Err, I mean his Sushi rolling technique (what are you lot like?). Now, a quick cookery lesson – sushi does not refer to raw fish!!!!! Sushi is actually the rice that surrounds a filling, be it fish, or, in a vegetarians case, vegetables. So it’s perfectly suitable for a vegetarian. That’s a real vegetarian, not one of these odd people who maintain that they’re vegetarians, but who eat fish, chicken, maybe the odd bacon butty…………. I know that they’re something, but I’m not entirely sure what!!!! see also : Diabetic Breakfast for One recipe ( Totally Delicious )

Up until quite recently, I used a packet of ‘Sushi Flavourings’ to stir though the cooked rice, and it was quite acceptable, but I’ve been reading up on it and discovered that Japanese Rice vinegar, sugar and salt do exactly the same thing and cost a fraction of the price.

Vegetable Sushi

  1. 1 packet Japanese Seaweed (Nori)
  2. 500g Sushi Rice
  3. Various vegetables for the filling – I used raw cucumber, finely sliced lenthwise, and lightly steamed asparagus, baby sweetcorn and mange tout.
  4. 500ml Japanese Rice Vinegar
  5. 5 (gulp) tablespoons sugar
  6. 5 teaspoons salt
  7. Soy sauce for dipping

Egads, that’s a lot of sugar. My excuse is that this recipe makes a lot and spread between 30 pieces for sushi, it’s acceptable (note to self – try Splenda next time).

First of all, boil the rice in the amount of water listed on the packet. It will swell up and become sticky. Spread the rice out in a large bowl or baking tray and allow it to cool slightly. Whisk together the rice vinegar, sugar and salt, and pour over the rice. Fork it through so that it’s evenly distributed. see also : How To Make Sushi Rolls


While it’s doing this, prepare your veg – slice the cucumber finely lengthways, and steam the ‘harder’ vegetables.

The seaweed is the trickiest part. It’s stiff and brittle and needs to be softened before it can be rolled up. The easiest way to do this is to put it under a grill for NO MORE THAN 2 SECONDS!!!!!! Seriously, any longer and it shrivels up.

Place the seaweed on a board or, if you’re lucky, you’ll have one of those Japanese bamboo rolling mats. I don’t (sob). Spread the rice thinly over the seaweed and leave a gap along the top edge. Place a few of the filling vegetables (either a selection, or just stick to one type) and slowly roll it away from yourself, like you’re making a roulade (I know that’s not much help if you’ve never made a roulade).

What you should have is something like this………

And once you’ve finished, this should be the outcome……


And no, I’m not going to show you the one(s) that didn’t turn out!!!!!!!

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