Disney World Honeymoon: Romance in the Magic Kingdom

Why A Disney World Honeymoon is An Excellent Choice

A perfect honeymoon is sweet, romantic, and magical – and that’s exactly what a Disney World honeymoon is. Just the mention of the venue Walt Disney World brings to mind a delightful trip that’s sure to be remembered for a lifetime – just like a fairy tale come true. But with such a wide array of things to do at the recreational park, planning a Disney world honeymoon can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are Disney World honeymoon packages that make it easy yet fully enjoyable. Here are some of the highlights of a great Disney honeymoon vacation package.

First to grab is an experience that comes so close to those of a Disney prince and princes: a stay at one of Disney’s lovely resort. They have a variety of resorts with a wide price range and different styles, from the whimsical, to the adventurous, to the luxurious. For the sweetest stay, some of the most recommended Disney honeymoon suites are at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, where a private balcony and an in-room Jacuzzi makes for a royal treatment.

Disney World Honeymoon Accomodations

To complement the great accommodation, great dining is a priority. Luckily, Disney world also has varied eating style to fit preferences and budgets. A popular choice among honeymooners is the Coral Reef Restaurant, which features a marvelous aquarium, which adds a dash of delight to a romantic dinner.

Of course, Walt Disney world honeymoons will never fall short of recreational activities. While the amusement park is perfect for fun rides and thrills, there are also leisure opportunities for those who want more sophisticated recreation. Lovers can try horseback riding together at the Animal Programs, experience parasailing and water tubing, or get some special pampering at the spa. There are even open-water cruises that are perfect for sailing off into the sunset. see also : A Costa Rica Honeymoon Destination: Adventure and Romance

Walt Disney World Honeymoon Entertainment

Entertainment events are also plenty in this fascinating paradise. One of the main attractions is the exclusive La Nouba show by no other than the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. Other spectacular shows include the Festival of the Lion King , which takes the audience to a Broadway-inspired experience.

For the more laidback couples, a stroll through the parks is always a comfortable option. Nothing beats walking hand-in-hand on the cobblestone streets and just enjoying each other’s company. They can also go to enjoyable detours, such as getting hot fudge sundaes at Ghirardelli’s and shopping in the largest Disney Store in the world.

And who can forget the most magical part of Disney honeymoons? It’s when lovers cap the night with a blissful kiss against a backdrop of dazzling fireworks.

Walt Disney World Weddings

Indeed, honeymoons at Disney World is a wonderfully memorable experience, and countless of couples can already attest to that. A top advice for planning a romantic getaway here is to avail of Disney honeymoon packages so that everything is already taken care of and the honeymoon becomes a perfect celebration of love. see also : 5 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

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