Dog House Training: Eliminate the Behavioral Problems

You may find your dog eliminating wastes inside your home. Most of the time after a series of punishments associated with this problem, he defecates or urinates in a place where the owner won’t see it going. Often this problem is only a result of improper dog house training or non-training, he just happened to get used of unintentionally defecating inside the home premises.

This problem on potty dog house training is made more excessive or worst when the owner takes him to the place of accident on purpose and punish him there after the incident have subsided.

Another house breaking problem which needs to be solved with proper dog house training is marking or scenting territories inside the house. Dogs by nature are territorial and this condition is more prevalent with dominant male dogs that have the strong drive for mate. Another cause which may be associated with this problem is the dog’s insecurity. In addressing this problem, it is important that the dog must not be punished as this may only aggravate the problem.

A dog house training method which may considerably redirect your dogs behavioral problems into a more agreeable behavior is by the use of crate. But not so fast, crates are not jails for dogs. They may be used as their comfortable retreat or a home within a home. Also, crates are great for dog house training due to the fact that dogs in nature don’t have the habit of soiling their immediate environment. Additionally, a carte would probably the safest place for the dog when in a car or flying in a cargo as this may provide a familiar environment.

First thing first: in this dog house training, your dog must not feel isolated when his in his own crates. For more effective results, provide him with two crates. Place one in your bedroom where he can go to sleep at night and another in the busiest place in the house during the day. Arranged the crate with a comfortable blanket, provide small treats and then train your pet how to get in.

Once your dog has adopted with the way of getting in and out of the crate, and already satisfied his curiosity with it, use a cue word, for example kennel, while he is moving into the crate, hand him a treat afterwards. Repeat this dog house training randomly during the day until he gets used with the idea. The more determined and random you are, the more the dog will find the idea pleasurable. With this kind of dog house training, the puppy will learn to rest while in his crate- and this is exactly how you want him to feel- at ease in his own den. see also : 10 Important Health Tips For Happy, Healthy Dogs And Puppies

Moreover, another form of dog house training is the potty training. Basically, it concerns the proper methods on defecating and urinating in the “proper” place such as the potty.- in short toilet training.

With potty training, you normally train your dog to eliminate wastes in his potty area and encourage the dog not to go somewhere else.

There are several reasons which may be associated with house soiling. He may be upset or anxious of being left alone in the house or being separate from his owner. Also, this may be a resultant of insufficient dog house training.

Any dog behavior problem may have corresponding dog house training; consequently, owners need not be troubled with these. Ultimately, all one need is the enthusiasm to motivate the dog into doing what the owner commands.

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