Dog Obedience School: Educating Your Pet

Obedience training for dogs is an aid for your pet to help him respond more properly to the commands given to him. Instead of neurotically pleasing you as his owner, dog training sessions, which may be provided by a dog obedience school, may help the both of you comprehend each other. Training from a dog obedience school may provide for your canine an outlet or a redirection of his mental energy which was originally meant for work. see also : Dog House Training: Eliminate The Behavioral Problems

In general, many of the dog species are working dogs. Since, domestication is prevalent among these species, their vigor that was meant for work was lost. With proper training, this unused energy can be reinforced in a dog obedience school.

By means of attending a dog obedience school, dogs may be trained for the basic and the most essential training commands such as come, heel, sit, stay and down. And from these more advanced trainings may be developed by the owner of the pet himself.

There is quite a number of dog obedience training that is being used in many forms and is becoming popular among trainers and pet owners. However, in a dog obedience school, training is categorized in two major classes: reward training and leash or collar training, hard training style and soft training style respectively.

Both of these styles are regarded as very old but the leash or collar style is considered traditional as it is used more often in dog obedience school. This is mainly due to the fact that dog obedience schools formulated their methods from military dog training wherein collar and leash method is extensively used as it is more suitable in handling and controlling the dog. Nonetheless, it is far more difficult to accomplish than the reward training.

The use of leash or collar in military dog training is due to the following reasons:

  • The mission or task of the dog.
  • The nature of a dog’s behavior and his adoptability to commands associated with the leash or collar.
  • The background or the temperament of the military handler or trainer.

This form of training may be rendered with varying levels of force. This may range from mild leash correction to very hard prompts. But, if the leash must be used it is essential that the dog must not be confronted with ineffective nags for correcting the behavior of the canine.

In the past few years however, dog obedience schools used the method of training with reinforcement or the reward system. But this does not negate the fact that leash and collar is still the best way to train the dog as it provides a great deal of dependability when the situation asks for it, also, for instances when the trainer needs to enforce extreme motivation to make the dog obey for the commands such as the obedience needed from police k-9s. see also : 10 Important Health Tips For Happy, Healthy Dogs And Puppies

But above all these, it must be comprehended that the leash is but a tool. To fully train a dog using this instrument, the dog must understand the trust between him and his trainer as to let him recognize the need to obey the commands. In a dog obedience school, dogs are trained (with a leash) to place themselves in a posture or position that they did not intend to do. However, a dog obedience school may not necessarily employ force, but only enough physical manipulation.

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