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Exercise is necessary for all of us as a means of spending physical energy that might otherwise be diverted into vices (more a problem in humans who own televisions). This is particularly true for dogs and even some cats. Thankfully, exercising a dog does not always have to involve long, time-consuming walks. Vigorous, aerobic play serves the same purpose, and is often more efficient and fun.

All puppies and young dogs benefit from the game of fetch, and they do not have to be Labradors to learn to retrieve. As long as they receive some positive reinforcement in the form of food treats or simply for the fun of it, many dogs will gladly wear out their owners’ throwing arms. Many dogs, even those unwilling to chase a boring tennis ball, flip over cloth flying discs. Just fifteen minutes of fetching will wear out the most active Dalmatian. see also :Dog Training Tips


Dogs apparently do not become bored as we do. If well-accustomed to being left alone for the day, for example, they tend to sleep. But for some dogs, a lack of exercise can precipitate behavioral problems ranging from destructiveness to irritability and attention-demanding behaviors. When anxiety is not the issue and a dog chews, shreds, digs and generally demolishes the house or yard, exercise is an important part of the solution.

Dog Chasing A Frisbee

Interestingly, size itself is not a predictor of activity or exercise needs—giant, languorous Newfoundlands are often less demanding than frenetic Jack Russell terriers. Keeping up with a regular routine is most important. Dogs learn quickly to anticipate regularly scheduled activities, but the anticipation itself may progress into a behavioral problem if it is not satisfied. A simple walk at least once daily does wonders. In addition to dispelling energy, it provides an opportunity to urinate and defecate (and receive praise), to sniff and investigate the previous day’s activities by other animals, to socialize and to spend quality time with a busy owner. see also :Best Puppy Training Tips

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