Donkey meatballs recipe

Donkey meatballs recipe – Donkey is a forgotten meat. It is tender and full of flavour. Below you will find a simple and cost effective way of mating mouth watering donkey meat balls. You can almost treat the meat the same as beef, expect for one major difference which you will find below in step 1. see also : Microwave omelette’s recipe

Ingredients and required items
500 grams of donkey meat (minced)
2 onions – grated
Cup of breadcrumbs
Salt and pepper

Step 1
First – we need to get the donkey taste out of the donkey. I like to use masking tape. It works pretty well. I find normal cello tape does not absorb the oil/fat from the product. It is your choice to leave the masking tape on or not – depends if you would like a little extra flavour or not. see also : The Best Italian Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Step 2
Combine all of the above and mix well – an electric beater makes life a little easier but if the donkey had been frozen, you will have to do it by hand

Step 3
Roll the meat mixture into large balls (lol I said balls!) and toss (hahah.. tossing!) in plain flour. see also : Basil Italian Turkey Meatballs recipe

Step 4
Heat a little oil and then fry until your balls have became golden brown. If they are not going golden brown, add extra oil onto your balls until they are moist

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