Easy Cupcakes Recipe

best cupcakes recipe

best cupcakes recipe

homemade cupcakes recipe

homemade cupcakes recipe

What does a mom who enjoys baking so much, now has no time because work consumes a large part of her day?

Try baking in the middle of a still night when everyone is asleep.

No prizes if you get this ‘riddle’ right.. but you get to view this mom’s passion amidst heavy eyelids and snooze time, or rather – the lack of it!

Last week, my girl said she was having some kind of a class party and everyone were to bring something edible (as if not!) to share.. kinda like an adult pot-luck party, I suppose. Oh well, my girl has the habit of telling me things at the very last minute, like she has to buy some science book, she lost her protractor, she needs to get some acrylic paint, calligraphy brush, etc and all of these are to be hand in the very next day.. sigh.. So mom has to really freak herself crazy rushing about every where, search in four corners of Sg and all available options of 24 hours’ store (including Mustapha in Little India) just to make sure my girl has what she needs. Yes, I admit, I spoil her rotten. I don’t get as much time with her now but I make sure she doesn’t miss out on the other stuff and never gets punished by any teachers. I really hate to have her in the negative list of students who leave her forgetful brain elsewhere when it comes to bring stuffs.

So, that pot luck thingy was when I thought of a crazy idea. Why not bake them cupcakes in the middle of the night so that she can bring them over.. never mind if I had no time for decor, but at least I don’t have to rush out to buy stuff and miss my fave parking lot again… Frankly, I can churn out cupcakes in really quick time too! Simple because you don’t really need to put the batter in cake tins but just disposable cups for cupcakes. And this, I have PLENTY from my days of buying them in almost every design and size available in the baker’s store.

Mind you, not only did I bake her a batch of lemony cupcakes, I decided to frost it with her favourite pink icing and some doodling as I had really reduced the amount of sugar in the cake. I am sure they would love pink icing. However, I then found out that I only had so little icing sugar left so didn’t get to frost them the way I’d wanted to. Well.. except that, I iced them in doodling form because I need to stretch that limited icing.. Okay, so I got a bit out of hand, made them a little different or, like a friend told me…

a little eccentric.. because I did them in..

err.. icons of dollar signs as well.

I think I must have been too sleepy, exhausted and I was thinking about the day’s sales takings as well. So there, I was thinking of $ that night, hence my icing on the cake turned out, such! LOL But, anyway, ENJOY. see also : Best Fine Butter Cake Recipe

Recipe for above cupcakes

Butter 250gm
Sugar 150gm
Eggs 4 medium
Juice of Lemon 1tsp
Grated rind of Lemon 1tsp

Sieve together:
Self Raisng Flour 100gm
Plain Flour 100gm
Pinch of Salt

Beat Butter and Sugar until pale and creamy
Add eggs, one at a time till all fully mixed
Add Lemon Juice and Grated Lemon Rind

Fold in Flour mixture
Pour in cupcakes
Bake in oven (preheated at 170 deg C) for about 20-30 minutes or till the tops is nicely brown or toothpick comes out clean when inserted. Cool cupcakes before frosting.

You may want to frost with butter cream or just store unfrost.
Cakes actually taste better the next day when the butter and ingredients have settled in. The taste is much richer. see also : Cute Japanese Fishcakes

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