Everything you wanted to know about Eyebrow Implants

Do you want to be attractive? If yes, then here we present one of the simplest ways to become more attractive by simply improving your eyebrows. It not even gives an attractive appearance to your face but also gives you a facial symmetry which indeed determines the beauty of a person. The trend for bushy eyebrows has inspired women and men to get eyebrow implants. First we will have a look at this. see also : Facts About The Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Causes of thinning or balding of eyebrow

These have been the major reasons until now for eyebrow implants.
Old age is one of the reason which causes thinning of eyebrow.
Many of us have been plucking it over a longer period of time to make it look thin which was a trend earlier.
Thyroid disorder can be a reason for it.
Your genes also play an important role in deciding the quality of your hair.

While many people are not blessed with beautiful eyebrows, that is the reason they use temporary methods to fill in their eyebrows to have a complete look. But when you have a permanent solution to it in the form of eyebrow implants, then what better to try it. Depending on the extent of your hair loss a full or a partial eyebrow transplant is recommended to the patient..! see also : Tips on Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Questions related to eyebrow implants:

How is eyebrow transplants done?
Eyebrow implants or eyebrow transplant is very similar to scalp hair transplantation. Hair follicle which is basically the “root system” of the hair are taken from the patient’s scalp and are implanted into the area where it is required. On an average 200 to 300 grafts are implanted on one set of female eyebrows, and 300-400 grafts on one set of male eyebrows. In 90% cases one session is required to restore eyebrows while in 10% cases a second session is only required for a touch up. It usually takes around 1-4 hours but depending on the extent of hair loss, it might consume some more time. After the whole procedure, eyebrows are left to grow naturally, which can be later shaped to any style. Although it is a very safe technique, but it should be always performed by a highly trained surgeon.

eyebrow implants

eyebrow implants

Cost involved in Eyebrow Implants
There are many factors that determine its cost. The best way to determine it is to take an appointment with a eyebrow transplant consultant in your area. Apart from this the major factors that come into picture are the surgeon’s experience, your locality or type of procedure adopted. It also depends on the extent of your hair loss.

Side effects of Eyebrow transplants
While it is considered to be the safest surgeries of all, but initially just after the end of the whole procedure, a patient might experience swelling and itching. But this is for a very short period of time which fades away eventually as it is a permanent way to get your eyebrows back.

Things to be taken care of after Eyebrow implants’ surgery
Initially they are to be protected from excessive sunlight. One must treat it gently with careful washing. For the first few days it might feel itchy which fades away eventually and as you move in the second week you might see the newly transplanted hairs becoming a part of natural hair growth cycle.

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