First Signs Of Being Pregnant

There are a lot of changes associated with the first signs of being pregnant. Essentially, the major signs of pregnancy are the same in women, though the effects of those changes differ from one woman to the other. Some women may feel the symptoms of pregnancy right after conception. Others, however, notice these first signs of being pregnant weeks after they have conceived.

Confusion beacons when these signs come knocking. Many women experience the same changes during menstruation, so it becomes hard to differentiate. However, one of the major differences between the signs of pregnancy and those of menstruation is the temperature. The body temperature of expectant women tends to be higher than during menses.

One of the most acknowledged first signs of being pregnant is; the absence of the menses. That is however not enough to substantiate the presence of a pregnancy. It is a common occurrence to some women to miss periods; this doesn’t mean that they are pregnant. see also : Trouble Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy can bring about bleeding too. For example, some women may experience bleeding brought about by the embryo implantation. This kind of bleeding occurs about a week or two after conception due to the embedding of the embryo to the walls of the uterus. Sometimes it is accompanied by cramps. Others may experience bleeding even during pregnancy, though it is a lot lighter and shorter than the normal periods. Regardless of all the symptoms, the best way to ascertain a pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test.

Another common symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness. It is usually manifested by vomiting and nausea. The effects of morning sickness may be felt throughout the day by some women. Though it is common, its cause is yet to be known. People have come up with such remedies as taking small but frequent meals to reduce the nausea. Crackers may help if taken just before getting out of bed. Taking an apple or some milk before going to bed can lessen the effects of the sickness in the morning. see also : Tips How to get pregnant

The breasts may also change, becoming swollen, tender or sore. They also enlarge and the nipples darken. More trips to the bathroom may also be necessary because of the pressure on the bladder caused by the fetus.

Hormonal imbalance can cause fatigue and probably constipation. Constipation is brought about by the reduced pace of the bowel movements. Proper exercise coupled with a balanced healthy diet can alleviate the effects of the first signs of being pregnant.

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