Fundamentals in Choosing A Dog Trainer

There is in fact no such thing as “official dog trainer” therefore; anyone can actually call himself as such due to the fact that this is an unregulated trade.

The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors has the most extensive process of evaluating dog trainers. However, they only certify experienced dog trainers. On the other hand, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers is the leading professional association in the United States. They already established a certification and training program but it is yet to be proven. Moreover, testing is quite expensive and is on the condition that you have to travel to the test site on a certain date, making the association quite unpopular among dog trainers and veterinarians. For the moment, experience requirements are not yet a perquisite for acquiring a license. see also : Dog Training With A Halti Or General Leader Collar

In choosing a dog trainer for your pet, you must consider several of these suggestions:

Experience. As the dog trainer of his background on training canines and the duration of time he had been officially training dogs. Inquire if he is affiliated with any professional associations and how he keeps updated to the dog training industry as well. A quality dog trainer must regularly attend dog training conferences and seminars.

Types of training methods a dog trainer employs. This factor is extremely essential as there are many methods of training dogs. But basically, you must see to it that the trainer is practicing humane methods and techniques which do not include hitting, kicking, shocking, or any use of excessive force for dog training must be gentle in order for the dog to enjoy his sessions. Reputable and skilled dog trainers should be concerned of the over-all welfare of the dog. A dog trainer of such caliber must firmly conceive that harsh dog training is not only uncalled for, but also counter-productive for the dog. Additionally, before signing up for a class, it is advisable that you check out first and see if you are comfortable with the training methods employed by the dog trainer.

Pricing must also be examined. Fees and payments for all dog classes must be reasonable and must be clearly explained and stated in their brochures so you wont have to pay out for any unnecessary expenses..

On the other hand, class size is also essential. It is best for you to consider classes that are not crowded as this may inhibit the dog trainer from personally attending on specific dog behavior problems. Also, there will be too much destruction in a large class. An ideal number for a class is four and a maximum of ten dogs must be observed.

Also, check on the curriculum. The class sessions must cover diverse topics. Aside from dog obedience training, an excellent class should teach proper dog grooming, nutrition and dog behavior problems.

The dog trainer must also provide you with reference material as this may help you handle your own dog after attending dog obedience school. These handouts must contain training techniques that you and your dog can easily carry out. In addition to this, a good trainer must be able to provide you with references of pet professionals and satisfied clients.

As the pet’s owner, you must ensure that your dog practices in an environment conducive for training. The training ground must be clean, safe and appropriate for non-stressful training environment. see also : Dog Agility Training: Preparations For The Sport

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