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Garage spaces were meant for the usual but effective purpose of safekeeping and sheltering of vehicles. This kind of custom garage storage plan is out of date.

Nowadays, the garages are not only for such limited purposes. As much as a vehicle parking space, the garage can also be utilized to provide a storage space for various implements and equipment for your vehicle’s routine tune up and maintenance. see also : 3 Car Garage Plans

Aside from your vehicle tools stored up in the garage, you can also use it for keeping gardening tools, the lawnmower and your family’s sports and winter gear and accessories. You can use your garage’s storage space practically for every kind of stuff that you cannot place inside of your home anymore.

garage storage plans diy

garage storage plans diy

Some even feel at home in the garage and use up some of its space as their workshop. Since they carry out their construction projects in the garage, they also find some storage space for their gadgets and unfinished creations.

Meanwhile, some people find that their garage space is perfect as a home based gym. There they set up their fitness equipment and contraptions. see also : RV Garage Plans 2017

Do you want to tap your garage’s storage potential? What you need foremost, is to learn to chalk up some storage plans for the space in your garage.

garage storage cabinets

garage storage cabinets

In ordinary terms, you have to learn to make room for whatever you want be dumped in your garage and still keep your driveway open and free for vehicle movement. Mapping out storage plans for your garage can be a daunting task but it can bring very satisfying results so why not start now?

First, you have to settle on doing a pre-plan before finalizing a storage plan and actually doing the plan.

Here are several things you have to accomplish in making storage plans for your garage:

1. Clearing out – You have to haul out all the unnecessary things, especially the garbage that have been piling up in your garage for a time. Save only the things you still have to use while giving or throwing away those you do not need anymore.

2. Making a plan – You have to regard your garage just like how you would regard the rooms inside your house. It is advisable to take measurements and draw up some floor plans. By doing this, you will be able to visualize the things that could fit and the space where to place them. Do this as if you are dealing with your kitchen or dining room.

3. Categorizing – You have to decide on the items you may be using often. Garbage bags and supplies for cleaning should be on the top of your list. It is standard procedure to have these things kept near the door.

Then, consider the seasonal implements. Snow blowers, weed-trimmers and lawn mowers can all be specified as seasonal equipments. Do not stow big items into a corner because they are liable to take up space. You can try parking them under some shelf unit. Equipments like garden tools can all be put together in a wall rack.

Lastly, you have to find a system to get off the seasonal bulky things like bikes, kayaks and snow tires from the floor. These things can be hung up the ceiling or hoisted in the walls.

4. Putting into containers – It is advisable to keep things into containers not just to clear up the space but also to keep them clean. So that you do not find it difficult to track things you have stored, put them in transparent and stackable containers.

5. Safety – proofing – You have to save up a space not within easy reach of the children where you should keep hazardous materials like paint, pesticides and fertilizers. Even tools that have sharp edges must be hung way up and other hazardous tools like saws and scissors and big knives locked up in boxes.

There are limitless options for your garage storage plans. Once you have worked out a defined plan, you can already actualize it and you may be amazed by the results, yourself!

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