Get OUT of your exercise rut!

It is so easy to get into an exercise rut. I have been there so many times before. Remember last year when I picked up INSANITY? Then dabbled in P90X? I picked up INSANITY because I heard so much about the whole craze of it, but also, I was getting bored in my own routine. I needed a change. INSANITY ended up being challenging and fun, and something I would never do again, but at the time I really enjoyed it and looked forward to it because it was something different, that I wasn’t used to. It is so important to stay involved in your routine and check in with yourself to make sure you are first and foremost enjoying the act of whatever you are partaking in.
If you find yourself making excuses to not hit the gym when exercise is usually a part of your schedule, or find that you just want to lay in bed in the morning because you don’t want to go do your ‘boring ole’ routine’ then you may need a little kick in the pants to jump start a new you! see also : 5 New favorite exercises 2017

You need to evaluate what you are currently doing for your workouts. What is it about your routine that bores you? Are the classes not challenging? Have you hit a plateau? Something so simple like changing your typical run on the treadmill to a kickboxing class or Zumba class may just be what you need! If you are always used to logging minutes on the elliptical, stepper or treadmill, try taking your workout outside! Last summer, I hit the local track almost every weekend for about a month to do some track workouts. I performed sprints, plyometrics and all sorts of fun things that made my workout so much fun not only because I challenged myself, but because it was something different.

Bigger Changes
Sometimes it takes more than a class to spark a change within you. Sure the class was fun but you’re still bored. Now what? Take up an entirely new activity—especially something you never thought you’d do. For me, that is this fitness competition. It is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, and ya know what, something hit me one day and I just went after it. It has been such an amazing experience to say the least. I have learned things about myself, gained confidence, look forward to my workouts and met a whole group of supportive girls along the way.

I am not telling you all to go train for a fitness competition, but why not search for some local races in your area. 5k’s or 10ks happen about every weekend in the spring and summer. Join a sports team-basketball or baseball if recreational sports are more your thing. This summer my boyfriend and I want to get into hiking, which I am really looking forward to!

Add Variety
I am a HUGE believer in balance like I have mentioned many times before. Cardio, strength training, flexibility and FUN should all be part of an exercise program, so be sure to spice it up once in a while. Try a yoga or Pilates class if you are an avid weight lifter, or if you are used to sticking to the weights, try a body pump class to challenge yourself!

Gadgets are extremely unnecessary in order to workout BUT, they can definitely add a fun, challenging aspect to your workout. Just the other day I downloaded a Tabata Time app on my iphone. You can set it to your own intervals (and choose music to play along as well) I had it set up for 30 seconds work, then 20 seconds rest for 4 sets, and I did a whole Tabata style ab workout! It was awesome! Pedometers, heart-rate monitors, iPods, or fun workout clothes are all something you could consider!

Take a Break
Yes, I know it’s hard to hear for you avid exercisers, but your body needs rest. If you are losing motivation to workout, a break could be a god-send and help you recharge and regain motivation. Try cutting back on your usual routine and substitute other activities. You might even find an activity that you enjoy more than what you were doing! Trying new sports, new classes and new activities—and learning how to throw a little variety into your old standbys—can help you overcome the need to devise those creative excuses for not working out.

Ok and onto some fun workout videos that I took this morning. I was lifting Biceps and Triceps with my friend and fellow Savage girl, Jenn, so here we are doing some Biceps and then I am doing one of my favorite ab exercises, plank triceps touch


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