Health benefits of Running

When most people think about running they immediately think of the weight loss benefits.  It’s true, running is one of the most effective calorie burning exercises.  However running offers many additional benefits on top of being a fabulous way to burn calories.

Benefit #1  Running increases your s3x drive.  Several studies have shown folks who exercise have more sex.  AND if you’re between 40 and 60 years old, a Harvard University study found that you typically have the same amount of sex as non-athletes 20 years younger. The same study found that men who run are more able to achieve and maintain an erection, and women who run are more easily aroused and have better orgasms.  It’s enough to make you put down this article and hit the pavement right now! see also : Health Benefits Of Yoga

Benefit #2  Running improves sleep.  Millions of people suffer from insomnia and other sleep related difficulties.  Several studies have been able to successfully link a relationship between running and better sleep. One such study conducted in Australia found runners had greater sleep efficiency, which is the ratio of the amount of time you are asleep to the total amount of time you are in bed. see also : Health Benefits Of Sea Salt

Benefit #3  Running improves mental health.  Wonderful hormones are released when we run including endorphins.  These endorphins help us manage stress, give us confidence and a sense of calm and occasionally provide a sense of euphoria otherwise known as the runner’s high.  These same hormones have been studied and linked to reducing depression.  Even without the chemicals released during running, it enables you to work out your angst, anger, frustration and fears by pounding the pavement and running until your mind is clear or just too darned tired to fret anymore.

Benefit #4 Running slows the aging process.  Whether you’re 20 or 60 chances are you’re interested in retaining a youthful appearance and attitude.  Running helps keep bones and muscles strong, which means you’ll be able to retain your youthful figure, exuberance, and endurance for years to come.

Benefit #5  Running improves your cardiovascular health.  Heart disease and cardiovascular related illnesses are the single largest cause of death.  Running lowers blood pressure, helps your arteries maintain integrity and keeps your heart muscle strong and vital.

So while running does help you stay in tip top physical shape, what’s going on beneath the skin is actually much more significant.  The good news is that you don’t have to run marathons to receive the benefits of running.  It can be part of an overall fitness program, meaning you only run a few miles a week.  You’ll sleep better, be happier, stronger and yes, you’ll have better sex – it doesn’t get much better than that!

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