Home Treadmill Essentials: What To Consider Before You Buy

There are several things you should seriously consider before buying a home treadmill. Of the important things that all the best home treadmills offer, you’ll want to know the motor and parts are of a high quality, particularly if you’re looking for the best home treadmill for running. Also, the features need to be sufficient for your needs, the warranty must be adequate to cover any cost of repairs within a reasonable time frame and you should have  a good local supplier that can maintain or repair your home treadmill should something go wrong.

I’ll get into some more detail about each of these items in just a moment, but before I do there’s one thing I want to reiterate about buying a home treadmill that is of utmost importance. Before even going out to investigate the kinds of machines available, prices and suppliers, I recommend you spend some time in several gyms and regularly use various models to get a feel for what you like while you’re exercising.

Often treadmill suppliers offer you the opportunity to test their stock in a limited sense, but they aren’t going to allow you to do a real workout on a showroom machine, like running or jogging or walking for 30 minutes or more. However, this is likely to be the kind of exercise you are going to do at home. Note that the machines you’re likely to use in a good gym are going to be commercially rated models and while you may be able to buy them for home use it’s likely that you’ll be wanting to get something cheaper anyway.

The advantage of trying out commercial treadmills and exercising on them regularly in the gym is that you’ll get a feel for the kind of exercise features and health benefits that you’ll enjoy using in a treadmill – things like incline adjustment, heart rate monitoring, exercise modes and settings, speeds and any other settings you’ll enjoy. You’ll then know to look for these things when you’re shopping around for a good deal on a home treadmill.

The other thing you’ll notice when using a treadmill exercising in a gym is that different models are designed for different intensities of training. Some models are especially good for running and jogging. They have cushioned tracks and suspension and this is important if you want to save your knees, hips and joints from damage. Most home treadmills, particularly in the low to mid price ranges (Under $2000) are not built with heavy running in mind. They are usually designed for walking ONLY.

Getting back to some of the other features you should look for…

When you’re shopping for a home treadmill you’re going to be essentially paying for the motor. This is the most valuable part of the machine and apart from some of the more expensive models with expensive computer technology a basic home treadmill is all motor. This is where your getting value if you can buy a quality machine for a good price. It’s a quality motor you’re after and while it’s difficult to determine the quality of the motor from an inspection of your basic home treadmill, what you should realise is that the quality of most motors (and not just in treadmills, but in all sorts of machines) is reflected in the warranty.

A quality motor manufacturer should have no problems giving a warranty of 5 years of more. This is a standard for quality workmanship and manufacturing. For this reason, no matter what end of the price scale you’re shopping in, you should seriously consider only buying a home treadmill with more than 5 years on the motor and 1 years on parts and labour. Ask the sales staff at your local supplier and if they don’t know about the warranty on a certain machine… move on. You should also be looking for a motor that is over 2.0HP or higher.

If you shop and research home treadmills carefully you’ll be happy with your investment. Find out what you really want and need in a home treadmill by experimenting extensively in gyms and then carefully examine the features, benefits, quality and power of home treadmills at suppliers to get the best product and best deal.

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