Homemade Tomato Sauce recipe

What a DAY!

4:15am:alarm goes off, I grogily get out of bed. I have come to get used to getting up this early and now its a piece of cake. The trick is no snoozing!! when my alarm goes off, I am up and out of there. If I snooze, thats bad news (haha I

just made a rhyme!) but seriously I would never get up if I snoozed!
5:00am: arrive at work
6:15: grab a workout. Today I did 25 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the Spin Bike. It was an awesome workout. I have so much more energy if I break up my typical 4.5 miles to half bike half spin, so thats what I may just do from now on! (Today was JUST a cardio day, I was a bit sore from my full body workout with my trainer yesterday)
7:40am: have some post workout Protein

That would be 3 microwaved eggwhites with cinnamon. Delish! Also had a few bites of a nanner
8:00am: Get a 16oz Caramel Vanilla Creme Coffee!
8:30am: Make my Oats.
1/3 C Oatbran, frozen berries added at the end, chia and dollop of Crazy Richard’s PB
9:00am read some of my SHAPE and came across this…

What do you think of Shape Ups? Does anyone have these and do you think they are effective?
—work work work
11:30am: Pink Lady for meeee
And some of this creaminess
1:40pm: Lunch time when I got home!
Wrap with Italian marinated tofu from Whole Foods, sprouts, hummus, romaine and tomaters….SO good! Yes I wrap my wraps in aluminum even at home, I like how it holds it together while I eat it!
Some greenery on the side. Lettuce, tomatoes, broc, balsamic vinegar.
pack pack pack pack pack…thats what my afternoon consisted of! And some running of errands to Marshalls (got some stuff for the apt!)

4:30pm ~half of this Amazing Grass bar. I also had 2 slices of turkey breast with a spritz of mustard.
6:00pm I MADE TOMATO SAUCE! I started by sizzling up some garlic in a pot with EVOO (about 4 cloves)
Homemade tomato sauce recipe

Homemade tomato sauce recipe

added 1 chopped carrot, 3 stalks diced celery, 1 small onion to the garlic and oil, then a can of stewed tomatoes. After this was added, I threw in some oregano, basil, parsley and cayenne (for a kick!)
All done! I let it simmer on LOW for about 40 minutes.
Roasted some veggies, Eggplant, brox and 1 last piece of kale that I had left over from last night. Why I didn’t use it last night, I have no idea… with EVOO, S & P and garlic powder
350 degrees for about 20 minutes.
I took ~3/4 C sauce, some veggies and 4 chicken meatballs
See, there are the chicken Meatballs!
I <3 salads. Sorry this whole bowl looks…yellow? hmm interesting lighting. It was romaine, red onion, cuke, yellow pep!
7:45pm: NEW RECIPE! I thought about something healthy and sweet and then I thought of ~half a jar of pumpkin in my fridge that was going to go bad soon
I eyeballed everything so bear with me
  • 3/4 C pumpkin
  • 1/2 C wheat bran
  • 1 Truvia packet
  • 2 eggwhites
  • splash of almond mik
  • 1/2 scoop BSN cinnamon Roll Protein powder
  • 1/2 tsp each baking powder and bakin soda
  • few shakes of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon


Baked at 350 for about 35 minutes
TAH DAH! Pumpkin Protein mini-loaf! I made it mini to see if it was good. I hate to waste food and ingredients in my kitchen so I always start with a small batch when I eyeball recipes. This one is a KEEPER!

This hit the spot!
9:17pm: Currently relaxing, watching BL and American Idol, well now just BL since idol is over at 9:00. I just watched the rest of the bachelor online because I didn’t finish it yesterday. WHY IS VIENNA STILL HERE?!?! I love Tenley and Ali!! I hope they are the top two.
Tomorrow I am working 11:30-8 and hitting the gym in the AM.
  • Have you ever ‘eyeballed’ a recipe or made something off a whim and had it turn out amazing?
  • Do you  have a go-to food when you are hungry around your house? I have realized that my go-to food is cottage cheese! If I am at all hungry, I take a few bites right out of the container and I’m good to go!
  • Favorite TV show at the moment? Mine is the Bachelor!! Yes, I’m a sucker I know

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