How do you buy a European Bulldog?

Bulldogs are absolutely adorable. Many people agree when they see this broad and short legged canine waddle when it moves from one place to another. They have floppy ear that bounce when the move and a roundish head. Having an under bite, they resemble the appearance of a Pug with big and wide nostrils on compressed muzzle. These are just a few of the physical traits one should look for when wanting to purchase a Bulldog. But it would need more practice and studying of the breed standard to know if a Bulldog is a genuine purebred or a sub-standard one which is a result of poor and irresponsible breeding.

Don’t let the price be a discouragement for it is costly to breed them. Most births need caesarian sections due to the large heads and the life of the mother is also at risk so precautions and stringent guidelines are followed. Having a breeder offer a Bulldog at a more than surprisingly low price should set off an alert for experienced Boxer owners and lovers.  These may not be genuine Bulldogs. see also

Here are some signs one can spot if the breeder isn’t genuine:

  • Unsure and unable to explain the breed standards when presenting the dog
  • Doesn’t discuss or is concerned with spaying or neutering
  • No verifiable certificates of medical check-up or vaccinations
  • No accreditation with an official or recognized group or club

Now here are some signs for reliable Bulldog breeders:

  • Keeping the breed’s temperament of being friendly but protective with family and territory
  • Asks questions to be certain it is the breed one desires
  • Availability of credentials, certificates of parent’s registration
  • Certificates to show the dog is of sound health

Getting a genuine Bulldog shouldn’t be taken lightly. If one puts there blind trust in a poor breeder, then taking care of the dog will be difficult and one can also develop as sense of disillusionment of what a genuine Bulldog is. When in doubt, it is good to seek professionally services that wish to provide owners with canine companions, and canines with happy homes. Take Euro Puppy for instance, a team of experienced dog lovers and enthusiasts work together with future owners in finding and providing them with a perfect and genuine Bulldog. As quality is the cornerstone, lifetime guarantee, certificates and registration can be availed from Euro Puppy. With a track record of providing companions in 80 countries, one can surely put their trust with them

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