How Long Does It Take To Conceive A Baby?

Conceiving a baby is no easy task. There are many things to consider in order for a baby to be successfully conceived. Ovulation, fertility, Body condition, all these factors are critical in a baby’s conception. So how long does it take to conceive a baby? How much time does it take to conceive a baby? What are the circumstances that arise when conceiving a baby? These are all questions that may concern you. Listed below are the things that you need to take note of, before and during a baby’s conception.

How Long Does It Take To Conceive A Baby?


1. Conduct A Talk About Parenting

This discussion is often neglected by newly weds. Couples usually brush off this important talk because both husband and wife are keener about the whole process of conceiving a baby over the idea of parenting. However, a talk about parenting is better done before planning for a baby’s conception. There are many topics to be covered when talking about parenting like, how will you share the obligation of childcare who will work and stay home what family traditions should be implemented? These are some of the vital topics to be tackled and if a couple wants to delve deeper, one can bring up the issue of financing for the child’s education and the preparation for the money to be spent on. However, it’s important to understand that all prior planning is subject to change as different events happen while you are raising the baby. The most important things to take note of are a couple’s priorities and expectations while raising their child.

2. Stop All Vices Before And During Conception

It’s not unbeknownst to almost all people that drinking and smoking are huge no-nos during conception. Both alcohol and cigarettes contain toxins that may pose risks on a baby’s development. It’s not just that. Excess alcohol intake reduces fertility rate on both men and women. If a couple wants to have a breeze when conceiving a baby, it is best to avoid unhealthy vices.

It’s also important to understand that quitting vices during a woman’s pregnancy is bad for the baby because it may cause shock to the woman’s system therefore prohibiting a baby’s development.

3. Stop Birth Control

If you are on birth control, then it’s highly advised to stop taking pills and other birth control supplements a couple of months before you start trying. This deliberate decision to stop birth control gives you the opportunity to study your menstrual cycle and determine the number of days it takes for your whole cycle to take course. It may take a while though for your hormonal balance to return after stopping your pill intake, so don’t be alarmed and always consult your doctor.

4. Take Note Of Your Caffeine Intake

It’s important to know that an intake of huge amounts of caffeine can lead to miscarriage and withdrawal after pregnancy. There’s been a huge debate among doctors though, because there is no particular limit set by doctor when drinking coffee. Some doctors though, suggest of dropping coffee altogether instead of risking a few cups.

Also, take note of other drinks that contain caffeine. Coffee is not the only drink that contains huge amounts of caffeine.  Tea, Soda and most energy drinks contain caffeine and it’s important to avoid most of these. A twelve-ounce soda can be equivalent to 30 to 60 milligrams of caffeine. An eight-ounce black tea or green tea may also contain the same amount. It’s highly suggested to read labels in order to better take care of your baby.

5. Trim Excess Pounds

A healthy body is of course, essential in order for a safe conception to happen. If you are overweight or underweight based on body mass index, it’s highly recommended that you reduce pounds because it’s easier for a woman to be impregnated if she’s below overweight. It also poses less risk for a woman during delivery if she’s not overweight.

Also, it’s highly advised to go into an exercise routine before conception. A healthy body for a woman is always beneficial for those who want to have a baby.

6. Sleep A Lot

Considering all the nuisance that we encounter in everyday life, it must be hard to find time for rest. But then again, rest is essential for a woman who wants to get pregnant. Studies show that women who don’t sleep much tend to have more complications in achieving conception. Ovulation cycles are disrupted whenever you lose sleep thus limiting your overall chances of getting pregnant.

7. Study Your Chances As A Couple

This is one of the most important things to consider. There are a lot of factors to consider between a couple before conception. Age, weight, diet, lifestyle, job etc, are all considered when studying your chances. According to present data, a fertile couple has a good chance of conceiving a baby within a year.

If you’re 35 years old or under, then it’s important for both husband and wife to regularly consult your doctor before and conception. Always bring up problems that you may individually have during s3x such as deformities in testicles or problems in the ovaries.

If you or your partner are both past the age of 40, it is a must and highly recommended to regularly visit a doctor in order to determine complications and difficulties that you may have when conceiving a baby. It is much difficult for both a man and a woman to conceive by this age.

Also take note that a couple should be in extremely fit condition when going for it. The easiest way to achieve conception is to have frequent unprotected s3x. Daily s3x though, is not advised because the quality of sp3rm drops if ejaculation regularly happens.

Understand though, that the duration of conception varies from one person to the other. It is possible though for a woman to get pregnant after s3x if the ovulation cycle matches with the period of your s3x.  A man’s sp3rm can easily fertilize an egg cell if ovulation just happened.

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