How Much does a German Shepherd Puppy cost?

German shepherds are one of the most loved, famous and preferred dogs in the world. People tend to choose German shepherds as their best four-legged friends as these dogs are well-known for extraordinary intellect, dedication and love. Now that you have set up your mind willing to get a dog, the important factor is the cost. Getting a dog is like having a child – you have to feed him, you have to take care of him, and it is obvious that it is going to result in some spendings.

German shepherd, to be honest, is not the cheapest dog to keep. If you are looking to get a puppy, it is not enough to just estimate the price of the puppy itself as you may save up for the initial purchase but be unable to keep your best friend healthy and fed. But let’s talk about that a moment later. The initial price for the puppy varies depending on where you are looking to get your doggy from: whether it is a respectable breeder or a local shelter. In the United States you can easily find a decent German shepherd puppy breeder almost anywhere, but the prices for a healthy puppy with health guarantee usually start at $800 and up to $2.500. On most occasions you will receive a certificate coming with the puppy that would reflect a date of birth, puppy’s ‘parents’ as well as terms of health guarantee. see also : Dog Workouts And Exercise Tips

german shepherd puppy dog photos

german shepherd puppy dog photos

If you cannot afford that much, you can try local shelter. Shelters do not usually charge for rescuing a dog unless it is a purebred puppy. So do expect to pay around $100 for a good puppy, but again the shelter will be unable to provide you with a health guarantee for your dog. Although even though the puppy will not be of ‘majestic roots’, expect a beautiful friendship your German shepherd puppy would give in return. see also : Dog Training Tips

With the basic price being said, here comes the list of medical costs that you will be required to pay according to state laws. If you are adopting your German shepherd puppy from a shelter, please note that 33 out of 50 states require your pet to be sterilized in order to be rescued. The price for spaying varies between $50 and $150. If you live in the state of Rhode Island, you will have to neuter your puppy either way, even if bought from a certified breeder, pursuant to recent state legislation on animal population control. Besides that, your German shepherd puppy needs to be vaccinated. That is done by taking him or her to the vet, and be prepared to spend around $70.

Puppies grow up fast and consume a lot of food too. Right after all medical payments, dog food will be your second spending that would hurt your wallet pretty bad. Be ready to spend around $100 monthly on food supplies. Plus add to that a cost for a dog house and toys as German shepherd puppies are really life-loving and playful, not to mention they need to chew something while they are young for the good health of their teeth.

All in all, buying a German shepherd puppy is an important step in your life and you should think it through very carefully as we all want only the best life for our four-legged buddies. Being loved, taken care of and fed well, and your puppy will turn out in the best friend you have ever had.

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