How To Choose A Good Dog Breeder Without Being Bitten!

You can always tell a good dog breeder by his willingness to show you around and answer questions. Find out about his background and his activities. Is the breeder actively involved in dog clubs and/or shows? A responsible dog breeder is always learning and being involved in dog clubs and shows keeps them informed about what is happening in their breed.

A good dog breeder will not knowingly breed from unhealthy dogs and never from dogs that show any signs of FSF or Swollen Hock. Have the pups been checked for worms and will they receive at least one injection before you take yours home?

Are the pups old enough to leave the litter? Pups should never ever be taken from the litter before six weeks of age. They need to interact with their littermates for at least that long. Seven weeks would be even better. On the other hand, a pup who is kept with its litter mates past the age of 10 weeks may have become dependent on his mates. Be sure the breeder has given individual attention and training to the pups.

Is the paperwork in order? You should receive a contract (signed by both buyer and seller), and a Pedigree. Most responsible breeders sell their pet pups on spay/neuter contracts, which means you will receive the registration application AFTER your dog has been spayed or neutered. That should be explained in the contract. You should not have to pay extra for the pedigree. see also : Your New German Shepherd Puppy

Does the breeder have a number of litters at the same time? Are the litters separated and the individuals identified? How many of the past puppy buyers is the breeder still in contact with after 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? Have the pups been hearing tested? Deafness is not uncommon in Dalmatians for example. It can be detected at an early age, and affected pups should be humanely destroyed.
Have the parents been X-rayed for hip dysplasia? Is the breeder aware of the genetic problems in the breed and is he breeding for sound healthy dogs with stable temperaments?

Will you receive a supply of food, instructions about the care and feeding, a list of necessary supplies and health record? Does the breeder supply dog care books, as well as information about vets and training schools?

Is the breeder experienced? Will he be able to answer your questions or help with any problems that arise? That’s one of the biggest disadvantages in buying a pet shop or commercially raised pup. No one cares whether or not you’re having trouble. They only want your money.
Did the breeder insist that you take the dog through obedience training? Responsible breeders make that a requirement for sale. All dogs should have at least one basic obedience class. see also : Buying A German Shepherd Puppy

Did he tell you about the good and bad features of the breed? All breeds have their drawbacks, and they should have been explained to you. Did the breeder talk to you about dog crates, explain how to use them and stress how helpful they are?
Is the breeder curious about you? A responsible breeder is concerned about the welfare of their puppies and will insist on certain criteria before placing a puppy. Be prepared to be grilled by him.
He may check with you on the following issues:
Fenced garden Doghouse. Proper veterinary care Proper care and nutrition Socialization, training, obedience classes Spaying, neutering (if applicable)

A good dog breeder should be able to answer almost any breed specific question that you ask And be prepared, he may insist on visiting the puppy in your home.

Common questions asked by reputable breeders are:Are you aware of the problems (health, temperament, conformation or whatever) in this breed? If you answer in the negative, expect to be educated at great length if this is an applicable subject. Will your dog be a housedog? Many breeders will not sell to anyone who does not want the dog in the house.

One very common question is whether you have children. Most good dog breeders will insist on seeing your family, especially if you say that the children want a dog. This is done to observe how well mannered the children are. If they’re obnoxious brats who never listen to their parents then chances are, they won’t be nice to a puppy.

Are you aware of the size of the adult dog? You may be surprised but some owners get rid of their dog because it got too big. Some people don’t properly research a breed before they make a decision to buy and the adult size or coat may be more than they want to cope with.
Are you aware of the temperament traits of this breed? He may ask if everbody in the house wants this pet. (A home where the wife loves dogs and the husband or kids don’t like dogs may end up being a bad home.)

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