How to Make Money Free Online

There are so many ways to figure out how to make money free online. This article is going to point out a few ways to make money free online. There are tons of ways but this is my experience with making money online free. Follow along. see also : Small Business Ideas by Sector: Natural Health Products

Firstly this method is going to show you how to make money free online without a website or blog. The one important tool you will need will be a word processing program. And since you are working online of course you will need an internet access and a computer.


The way to make money free online is by writing articles. I write articles for a content site and they pay me for the articles. Sounds simple and easy right. Well it is and it is not. You want to be able to write articles that will trigger traffic and decent paying Adsense income. This is how this site makes its money is through the Adsense ads. The site I am talking about is Associated Content.

With Associated Content I get paid for my original article plus I get re-occurring payment monthly when people find my articles on search engines and come to the site. I get a percentage for each page view. With a few hundred articles submitted this ads up quickly for a monthly paycheck. I may only get $3-$8 for my initial article but then I can get more for each page impression. I do the work once and get paid over and over for it. Multiply each page impression from one article by hundreds and this really adds up quickly. This is all free money and money I make free online month in and month out.

Associated Content is free to sign up and you can use PayPal to get paid with. PayPal is is also free so no money so far to shell out. Only making money free online.

Another free way to make money online is using Blogger Blogs. Blogger blogs are already optimized to be able to make money with. Most of my money making blogs are on Blogger. I know this site is not a Blogger blog but I do not plan on making money with this site. This is just a vehicle to help people make money online at home without going into debt. People are searching to make money online free not get farther into debt. When I first decided to make money online I was told I had to buy all this junk. Needless to say I got myself way into debt. Finally I was able to find a few honest people that were willing to show me how to make money online for free. It wasn’t until then That I was finally able to make real money online. see also : Brainstorming New Business Ideas 2017

This blog is only designed to pay it forward so others do not get swindled like I did.

Back to Blogger blogs. Sorry for the side track!

Blogger blogs are free and you can have as many blogs as you want all for free. No need for a hosting account and re-occurring bills. You can set up blogs on all sorts of subjects. These are called niche blogs. Niche blogging is probably one of the most lucrative ways to make money online to date.

You find a topic you are interested in and start posting articles or posts. Make you posts around 500 words long. Have a minimum of ten posts on your blog. Keep all your posts on topic of your main niche keyword. If you are blogging about gardening make sure your post titles and your post content have toe words gardening in them. It also helps to have the name of your blog the same as your niche keyword.

Once you start getting traffic to your blog then you will want to monetize it. The best and easiest way to monetize your blog is with the use of ads. For Blogger Adsense is the best way to go. Adsense is a free ad company owned by Google. On Blogger there are widgets that are set up for adsense already. You will need an Adsense account so you can put your publisher id into the widget. Adsense is easy to sign up for. Just Google Adsense and open an account. You should do this after you have your blog up and have about 10 posts on it. It takes a few days to get approved but usually it isn’t difficult.

After you get your blog up and running with your Adsense ads on them all you need to do from here on in is to get as many backlinks as you need to take position one in Google. Once this is accomplished you just sit back and collect your Adsense revenue. Well not really!

One blog is not going to make you independently wealthy so you will keep building Blogger blogs until you have the amount of income that you are satisfied with. This could take a couple hundred blogs. But remember you are making money free online with no out of pocket expenses.

Another great way to make money free online is to use Squidoo. Squidoo is a static one page lens that is very easy to optimize and make money online with. Squidoo is set up with modules that are already optimized to make money. All you need to do is to fill in the content. There are eBay modules, Amazon modules, travel modules, and of course Adsense ads on these sites. You are not limited to how many modules you can st up. You can have hundreds if you like.

When you set up your profile at Squidoo you decide how much you would like to be paid and how much you would like to donate to charity. Being that this is a one page static site you only need to optimize the site around one main keyword. There is also a forum at Squidoo that will help in learning how to make money online through Squidoo.

How to make money free online is up to you. These are only three ways to make money online. I suggest you use all three and some. This post is getting long enough for today so I will have to post some more on how to make money free online at a later date. Until then start doing some of these techniques to start generating some online cash. If you have any questions or need any help just ask in the comments and I will try to get right back at you

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