How to Stop Dog Biting

Biting is one of dogs’ bad habits, and owners need to learn how to stop dog biting before it causes serious injury. The problem is, biting is part of being a dog. So this kind of training needs to start on how to control biting. It will be best to teach your dog how to stop biting while he is still a puppy. Adult dogs need more serious training, as they have huge tendencies to misbehave and fight. Here are some of the effective ways to stop dog biting:

Create a Teething Toy

Puppies are mouthing and biting because it feels good on the gums. You will need to attend to this need by using a teething toy that is readily on hand, or one you can easily make. Choose a good washcloth and dip it in clean water, then tie in a knot. Leave the washcloth in the freezer overnight. Give the frozen washcloth to your puppy and allow him to chew the cold teething toy. You will need to watch your dog while playing with this toy. see also : Stop Dog Jumping Fence

Let your Puppy Know that Biting Hurts

An effective way on how to stop dog biting is to let him know that biting hurts. You can start by saying “Sshh” when you see that the puppy is about to bite you. If he ignores and proceed to biting, you can say “no”, “stop” or “ouch” sharply. If he stops, command him to sit and give him a better chew toy.

Praise your Puppy

When you see your puppy is learning how to chew or bite the appropriate item like his chew toy, express that you are proud of him by vocally praising him. This will be better instead of ignoring or shouting at him.

When to Give Negative Feedback?

Some puppies bite the legs and/or hands to get attention especially if there’s a guest in the house, or if the owner just arrived from work. This is the time when negative feedback becomes a good technique on how to stop dog biting. However, you still need to watch your tone and don’t shout at your dog. Use an angry, disciplinary tone. see also : Puppy Potty Training Tips

Avoid the tug-of-war type of Challenge

When your puppy bites your leg or your hand or whatever part of your body, push this body part further to your dog’s mouth. Your dog will stop biting instinctively. It may be odd on your part but if you opt to pull what he is biting, he may think you are playing with him and, he will bite more aggressively.

Make a Sound of an Injured Puppy

A sibling cries whenever his sibling bites too hard. If your puppy starts biting and mouthing during playtime, you can create a sound of an injured puppy to let him know that his action is hurting you.

There are many other things that you can do on how to stop dog biting, but always have in mind that physically hurting your puppy, like simple tapping, should not be exercised. This will only encourage your puppy to fight and protect himself from getting hurt.

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