Landscaping Design Ideas

Do you want to add some attraction to your home? Ever think of putting some landscape in your garden?

Home garden is one of the places which can give some identity to your home or property. Let your creativity work, utilize and enhance your garden so that it would look and feel different from the rest of the gardens. Apply some landscape in your garden so that it looks pleasant and it adds attraction in your house. But before you do this, you must first have plans on how to design your landscape.

There’s lots of landscaping design ideas and features that you can think of. With proper planning and design you’ll absolutely get the best landscape you ever wanted. With these landscaping design ideas, you can already visualize the outcome of your garden with landscape.

landscaping design ideas for backyard

landscaping design ideas for backyard

1. If your garden is close to the walls of your house, it would already serve as the boundary of the garden. Apply some paintings on the wall surface that fits your taste. You can also choose from theme-based paintings like sunset, nature and waterfalls. It absolutely adds some excitement to your garden.
2. You can use fountain with artificial atmosphere creating lights. This will add curiosity and attraction during night.
3. Add an actual human size stone sculpture. These statues add human touch to garden.
4. Put Japanese stones instead of the normal stones. Japanese stones have a good rough texture that fits in the smooth and fresh look of the plants in garden. It creates hot-spot in the garden once you put some light bulb in the stones. You can also use these stone lanterns along the pathway through your garden showing the direction.
5. If you have swimming pool near your garden, then maybe try some landscape design like an animal with a person coming out from its mouth or a shape like a castle or house. Think of which it will be remembered by your visitors and your kids will absolutely love it.
6. You can design a pond flowing into or from the walls of the house. This is another way of connecting the exterior and interior of home landscape.
7. You can also consider creating semi-opened private patios in the garden. This would be a great place to relax and sit around. This can also serve as a place to have a small party and also chat with your family.
8. Adding potted flowering plants and flowering trees with fragrance would make your garden keep fresh and more relaxed. Just make sure to maintain the freshness of the flowers and always remove the dry leaves and flowers.
9. If you are a pet lover, you can also add some artificial rabbit or ducks in your garden. Colorful artificial pets would add loveliness and attraction in your garden.
10. Create some levels in your garden as this would distinguish areas as per function of your garden. This always creates uniqueness, curiosity and interest in your garden.

landscaping design ideas for front of house

landscaping design ideas for front of house

These are just some of landscaping design ideas that you can apply and use in your garden. There are still lots of ideas that you can think of that would suit your taste and interest. Remember that your main goal is to make your garden more attractive and beautiful. You can also hire a designer but of course make sure that your own motif will still dominate.

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