Make Money Online 2017

Make Money Online

There’s nothing quite like searching for ways to make money online to drive Google crazy – go on, try it, I just got 125 million results in 0.13 of a second, wow, it’s a wonder we’re not all millionaires if it’s that easy. Click on any old link and you’re immediately bombarded with flashing boxes promising that you’ll earn thousands of dollars every week, in your sleep, by working just a couple of hours a day, they’ll tell you all about it for FREE and anyone can do it with no previous experience or expertise! Wow, sounds brilliant doesn’t it? Give me rather a large portion of that!

How to Make Money Online

Well, calm down a little and think about it. Nothing comes for free, and if all of these people were really swanning around in Ferraris and sipping cocktails by their infinity pool, why would they be bothered to e-mail you 4 times per day for the next year and a half with even better methods of making money online – I know, I can hear you shouting “auto-responder” at the screen, but you see what I’m getting at.

Whilst there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme which can turn you into an overnight millionaire (and I’ve looked at plenty of them, but if you know something I don’t please let me know – only kidding, no more auto-responder emails please) there are legitimate methods in which the internet can be utilized to make a living, and a good living at that. Here are just a few ideas: see also : How to Make Money Free Online

  • Online Surveys – there are lots of online companies which will pay you for your opinion – taking online surveys. Some firms offer free membership for this (they’re the ones to look for) but some do charge you for the privilege. You really can earn a tidy sum and make money online by just giving your honest opinion in these surveys, some of them take just a few minutes and others are a little more in depth, but if you’re looking to earn a little extra cash from home it’s definitely worth considering.
  • Sell Stuff – Ebay must be one of the largest internet success stories of all time and there are plenty of people who earn a good living  by selling their stuff online. What maybe started off as a bit of a hobby, selling your old “unwanteds” or offering stuff from your high street store it really doesn’t matter – full time ebayers do it at home. Once you’ve got a good feedback rating and lots of experience you can even sell stuff for other people – drop-shipping companies will pay you a commission to sell their stuff and send it directly from their factory, so you don’t even have to go to the post office. Thousands of sales are made on ebay every single day, and there are other internet auction sites springing up too. Definitely worth considering, if only to clear out the garage.
  • Blogging – I do think it’s an unfortunate term, blogging, but then again what do I know? Anyway, if you’ve got a way with words (and millions of people have found that they have) then why not start up your own blog, it can be a very cheap way to start a successful business but don’t expect overnight success, it does take time and effort to build a profitable blog. Just because you’ve revealed the darkest secrets of your Grannies special recipe for Thanksgiving pie on your blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that thousands of people will log on to find out about it on the first day. Build it and they might come, eventually . . .
  • Affiliate Marketing – this fantastic idea for making money online can actually run side by side with your websites and blogs. Affiliate marketers simply advertise and sell other peoples products, and then get a commission for doing so. Let me give you an example, hmmmm, wait a minute, oh yes, right, we’ll stick to the cooking theme, what if you dedicate your blog to exciting veggie recipes, then you might encourage people to grow their own delicious veggies, and then you can advertise gardening books about growing veggies on your website which are linked to, say, Amazon, and every time somebody reads your blog and thinks “what a great idea, I think I’ll grow my own carrots, they’ll be delicious” they can buy a book all about it from your link and you’ll get a bit of cash. Now then, it sounds complicated but it really isn’t once you get set up, and there are people out there who make a lot of money affiliate marketing – maybe you could join them.
  • Google Adsense is another terrific way to make your website generate a little cash for you. It’s fantastic, google will place advertisements on your website, and every time somebody clicks on to them you get paid. Websites really can be money making machines, with just a little skill, a little effort and a little patience.

There are loads more ideas to go at, and thousands of people across the world really do make a good living in their pyjamas, why not join them. see also : Small Business Ideas by Sector: Natural Health Products

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