Managing the First Signs of Pregnancy

If you are anything at all like me, then once you notice those first signs of pregnancy the initial reaction is joy, happiness and giddy excitement. I don’t think I am too far left of center in feeling this way.

What happens next, however, is those symptoms increase, become more powerful and chip slowly but steadily away at those blissful mommy to be feelings.

I remember one particularly rough day during my second pregnancy wondering why I didn’t remember the first time around being so completely life altering. As I counted the weeks left of gestation I knew I just had to do something now to feel better. Waiting 40 or so weeks for life to feel normal again was not an option.

I found several things that worked, with varied degrees of success. As I recommend off the wall or folk treatments to the clients in my prenatal classes, their reactions differ – but the results are relief from overwhelming discomfort and a transformation into a comfortable happy pregnancy when managed with care.

Tips for Morning Sickness

One of the most common first signs of pregnancy is morning sickness.

Morning sickness was my biggest nemesis. I was ill morning, noon and night for the entire 9 months. Now, this was normal nausea and occasional vomiting of pregnancy, not the horrific auto eject of anything entering the belly called Hyperemesis Gravidarium, which should be handled with a doctor’s care.

I found several things that worked beyond crackers in the morning and frequent small meals. My best friend became a coke on the rocks. Now, this is a medicinal drink of soda, so the portion is very small: only an ounce or so at a time. I nursed an 8 oz bottle along for more than a week. Some of my students skip the carbonated option and go for the coke syrup instead with good results.


Combating fatigue is difficult, and I am not a popular person when I suggest that the best cure is exercise. I am dead serious however. Exercise has a curative effect on a whole host of pregnancy woes. These maladies range from some of the more unpleasant first signs of pregnancy to the heaviness and movement difficulties in the third trimester to long labors and post partum weight loss.

I really am not a super exercise drill sergeant type. I just know from firsthand experience that when I got off my bum and went for a walk regularly during pregnancy I felt more energized, lost the weight faster and was able to keep my eyes open past 6 pm.

Gas and Constipation

I often joke in my classes that the special glowing ‘aura’ of pregnancy is nothing more than gas. Don’t be embarrassed if your pregnant self is suddenly irregular and extremely gassy. This is normal, but you don’t have to become beano’s best customer for the next 9 months.

Start keeping a food journal. This helps in many ways. When you notice a particularly gassy or difficult bowel movement, look back in your journal. Foods or a lack of certain foods will begin to make a pattern you can spot, correct and reverse!

I sincerely hope this has given you some help with dealing with those tricky first signs of pregnancy.

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