Pink Sponge Cake recipe

Our home is dominated by my elder’s favourite colour, PINK. It has been a favourite colour since her baby days. In fact, many of my friend’s baby girls are donned in Pink. And if you were to go to a girl’s school like my daughter’s, chances are out of every 10 girls in there, 9 of them has a pink bag. No point thinking that your girl’s unique pink backpack will stand out in the crowd. Because it won’t! You see a sea of pink bags! see also : Cottony Soft Honey Cups recipe
Once I got her a shoe in denim blue. “UGLY!”

Then I bought jeans in a nice shade of purple
“YUCKS”.. she turned her nose up at it..
“but but but… purple is ALMOST pink, Baby..” I explained..

From then on everything was a shade of pink. Sometimes darker, sometimes lighter pink. Sometims Fuschia. A little tint of blue in it is usually met with a disgusting look! Ahhh Well…

On Friday, I baked a pink cake to test out my pink food colouring.. My girl’s birthday is not till November but there’s no harm trying it out, eh. I wanted to see if the pink will come out well in my ready sponge mix. I could have baked an angel cake or any other cakes that only uses egg whites. But I didn’t omit out the yolks except for 2 eggs, out of 4 eggs. If I used only egg whites, I’d have to whip the whites and fold it in. But I was using Optima Sponge Mix so I followed the recipe but reduced two yolks from the 4 eggs.

Here is the recipe for my Pink Cake

200gm Optima Ready Mix flour
4 large eggs (remove 2 yolks from 2 of the eggs)
10 ml water
15 ml milk
2.5 ml Pink food colouring
20 g soft butter

Cream butter and eggs, briefly. Add the water, milk and flour. Beat in the mixer for about 8 minutes at medium speed. Add colouring and mix till blended. see also : Eggy Sponge Cake Recipe
Pour into a greased and lined pan or two if you are making sandwiched sponge. As this sponge is already slightly sweet, I whipped some cream (no sugar) to sandwich two layers of sponge cake and topped with more whipped cream. This cake would be nice if garnished with some strawberries too.

If you are going to use this cake for a birthday cake, best to use butter icing so that it can stand room temperature without melting.

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