Potty Training Dogs In 4 Incredibly Simple Ways!

Potty training dogs comes down to four straightforward points that, if applied properly, can help you housebreak your pet dog in no time! It is generally perceived to be a difficult task for the most part on the grounds that majority of the new dog owners are unaware of these few basic tactics I’ll give you in the following paragraphs. Like with any other dog training system make sure to be patient and consistent as no dog was house trained right away.

Potty Training Dogs Part 1 – Set up A Den

Canines are naturally den creatures they usually look for a place that may play this role wherever they go. It is actually your duty to provide your dog with his own personal little sanctuary where he can unwind for a bit and hide from all the stress and fuss of an everyday life. In exchange he will not soil his new home and will figure out how to resist from eliminating until he is let outside. The easiest way to sort out a den is either by getting a crate or separating part of a room with a baby gate.

Potty Training Dogs Part 2 – Get him to Use One Potty For The First couple of Weeks!

2nd phase in potty training dogs is to show your pet the toilet area he is going to use for the first couple of weeks. Make sure you take him to the same site repeatedly and always use one command to stimulate the elimination procedure (e.g. ‘go potty’). This will lead him to associate peeing and defecating with the sensation of staying outdoors and in the future he’ll prefer to relieve himself in the yard. Additionally, you will have the ability to make use of the command you taught him in the past to signalize that he should go potty.

Potty Training Dogs Part 3 – Observe The Clock

Whilst potty training dogs it is very important take into consideration the fact that dogs are able to urinate or defecate soon after they’ve finished ingesting (first 20 minutes). You can use this information to your benefit and arrange the meals regularly so that you know when to take your canine friend out. Using this method you will save yourself lots of time and nerves on cleaning the mess that your four-legged friend left on the flooring.

Potty Training Dogs Part 4 – The reason why Punishment Will Never Get You Far

You must never scream or hit your pet as it will only make him way more pressured and unclear as to what you’d like him to do. Instead, ignore the bad actions and compliment your pet dog each time he does something desired. Canines will do almost anything to acquire your interest and please you so not paying attention to their actions is the most powerful weapon if you would like halt your canine friend from indulging in undesired habits.

If you’re looking for more tips on potty training dogs feel free to visit my website where I cover all aspects of potty training dogs and answer the most common questions about dog training.

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