Pregnancy Week 22 : What To Expect

22 weeks of pregnancy symptoms – Lot’s of things happening around pregnancy week 22… let’s take a look!

How’s The Baby Developing?

At the size of a large banana what’s on baby’s schedule this week? This week is all about organ function.

The heart has been beating for quite some time, but as the weeks flow by other organ systems come on line as well.

The kidneys are processing swallowed amniotic fluid; the stomach and intestines, which have moved fully from the umbilical cord into your baby’s belly, are now functioning; and mechonium (baby’s first poops) is being created in the large intestine.

Liver function is also coming online.

In the pregnancy timeline the lungs, which have no air with which to practice, are one of the last organ systems to mature.

Also around this time genetics begin to take a more active role in baby’s formation.

After about week 13, genetics already play a role in the size variation seen in baby’s growth.

Now the DNA is more readily seen on baby’s features. You could spot daddy’s nose or mommy’s lips were you to get a sneak peak. see also : Pregnancy Week 21 : What To Expect

Mom, Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed a change in the amount or type of vaginal discharge since your pregnancy began?

Well, it is not your imagination.

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is a fact. It is thicker and flows in greater volume than pre-pregnancy cervical discharge.

The amount of discharge increases as pregnancy progresses. It is also possible for cervical fluid to not be the only discharge to arrive during pregnancy.

Fluid discharge as well as bloody show or spotting can be normal. Of course finding bloody spotting is upsetting.

But set your mind at ease by talking to your care giver. They will help to set your mind at ease by diagnosing the cause of any bleeding and spotting.

Pregnancy can also lead mom to notice a sharp increase in nose bleeds or bleeding gums.

The perfect storm of dilated blood vessels, high hormone levels and increased blood volume can take a toll on your nasal cavities causing nose bleeds during pregnancy.

Don’t worry over much about it, just apply pressure and lie down until it passes.

Normal Stuff For Dad In Pregnancy Week 22?

So who’s afraid of fatherhood?

You’ve seen the ultrasound and name games are full swing. You thought at this point being a dad would feel….different.

Instead you are losing sleep over increased costs in medical care, braces and college. Your wife seems all wrapped up in baby dreams and you just can’t quite get there.

This is totally normal. see also: Pregnancy Week 21 : What To Expect

Take a deep breath and focus on the happy thoughts that brought you to this moment. Then read a parenting book.

Taking the time during pregnancy to study up on baby care and how to deal with the terrible twos that are looming as large as your wife’s abdomen will help you prepare for fatherhood and effectively put a sock in your fatherhood phobias with swift preemptive action.

I hope this has given you some insight into what to expect in pregnancy week 22!

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