Pregnancy Week 23 : What To Expect

23 weeks of pregnancy symptoms – Here’s what you can expect to notice in pregnancy week 23!

Baby Can Hear You!

Baby can now hear your voice, and dad’s voice.

If you wanted to read to baby starting young, now is the time to begin.

The stimulation is good for baby, facilitates bonding and rids the body of stress. Cuddle down with a nice Suessian classic today. see also : Pregnancy Week 22 : What To Expect

In addition to hearing mom’s voice this week, your baby is 10 inches long and growing finger nails and toe nails.

These protective coverings come out complete and ready for their first trim so put a pair of baby clippers in the go bag!

How’s Mom Feeling?

Heartburn, baby, heartburn!

Even if you have never had so much as a burpy tummy during pregnancy, you are almost assured to suffer through bouts of heartburn.

This is because as a baby grows everything else in your belly gives way and gets less space.

As your stomach takes the squeeze those acids have more access to your sensitive esophagus. Heartburn also flares up in pregnancy due to hormones and the way your body interacts with less than healthy foods.

To counteract heartburn eat fresher foods, avoiding acidic meals like tomato sauce or citrus.

One bright spot is that according to midwifery lore, lots of heartburn means your baby will have loads of hair, so carry a roll of tums and start looking for baby bows! see also : Pregnancy Week 21 : What To Expect

A Few Important Tasks For Dad

You have nursery construction well in hand.

But there are a few little items your growing family will need: life insurance and a will.

Now, before the baby is born, is the perfect time to get your affairs in order.

It might seem morbid to be planning your end of life affairs while new life is at the gates, but it will give you peace of mind. It doesn’t take long, and the cost is surprisingly low.

Shopping around online for life insurance rates is easy. You can even get a legal will by stopping by legal forums online.

If your estate is more complex, the sooner you start the better.

Remember, the only way you get to choose a legal guardian in the case of your untimely departure is by arranging for it in your will.

I hope this has taught you a lot about what to expect in pregnancy week 23! Look below for a link to next weeks happenings.

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