Pregnancy Week 24 : What To Expect

Baby needs a bigger pool!

From now until the pregnancy’s end (birth) the amniotic fluid should increase in amount until your internal pool boasts a whole two pints of fluid.

The amniotic fluid is important for baby: it protects him from external trauma, allows him to practice breathing, strengthens muscles, and helps to test run the kidneys and urinary tracts.

Baby’s lungs make a huge stride toward mature function this week as the bronchioles are formed.

Soon the lungs will begin to secrete surfactant, which coats the interior lung surfaces preventing them from sticking to one another after the fluid is expelled at birth.

A Rapidly Expanding Waistline For Mom

Your pregnancy week by week is taking a toll on your rapidly expanding waistline.

The reality of normal pregnancy weight gain can be hard to swallow, especially for fashionable, weight conscious women.

Knowing you are doing it for your baby helps, but what really helps is knowing where the weight comes from and where it goes.

Normal pregnancy weight gain differs from woman to woman, but you can expect to pack on between 20-25 pounds.

Don’t worry, it isn’t all landing on your backside (even if you may feel that is the case).

The baby will account for about 7-8 pounds of that amount. The remainder is a 3 pound placenta, 1-2 pounds in bust increases, and about 3-5 pounds in fluids like amniotic fluid and blood.

All told, moms who eat reasonably during pregnancy only add an additional 5 pounds to fat storage.

The key to healthy weight gain is found in your food. Eating that required extra 300 calories in a salad or extra apple each day is a much healthier, lower fat multiplying choice than truly eating a 2000 calorie diet ‘for two’.

Now’s The Time To Sort Your Schedule, Dad!

Are you going to take some time off when the baby comes?

Does your company offer paternity leave?

Now is the time to find out and get your time off request in order so you can be there without any glitches when the baby comes.

If your time off is limited you may want to plan it strategically.

Starting the days off before baby has arrived could mean you spend the bulk of your leave waiting for mom’s belly to be evacuated and then head back to work very shortly thereafter. Another consideration is the ‘mom’ factor.

Many mothers and mother-in-laws, now known as the all powerful ‘Grandmas’, will want to come and help.

If you want to maximize help for your wife find out when the Grannies plan to descend upon their new baby and how long they will stay, then plan your leave accordingly.

And thus concludes the overview of pregnancy week 24!

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