Pregnancy Week 25 : What To Expect

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in pregnancy week 25…

Your Baby Is Now A Two Pounder!

Officially your wee one is a two pounder by the start of the 25th week.

In addition to getting larger all the time your baby is growing a back bone, literally. The 33 vertebra comprising the spine are getting in place this week.

In addition to building permanent housing for the spinal cord and nervous system structures therein, this week baby’s circulatory system makes the leap from veins and arteries into capillaries.

Capillaries are the itty-bitty blood vessels that carry blood, oxygen and nutrients into the smallest nether regions of the body.

Now that your baby has nether regions, it is time for an inroad for the blood stream.

How’s Mom In Pregnancy Week 25?

Combat swelling!

Is your wedding ring now hanging proudly on a new chain from your neck?

Have your feet bid a fond and last farewell to any footwear that doesn’t insert something between your large toe and the rest of your little piggies?

Swelling is totally normal, most of the time. To combat swelling and get the ring back where it goes you can do many things.

Salt is not your enemy: getting too little salt can cause swelling! Salt your food to taste and be certain you are getting enough water.

A massage will also help to chase the edema out of your hands and legs.

If the swelling is extreme, it could be a danger sign.

If the ankle bones have completely disappeared or swelling has spread beyond your hands or feet to your face talk to your OB or midwife as this can be an early warning sign of toxemia.

Hold Your Tongue, Dad!

The hormones may have leveled off, but this does not mean you can say any old thing you want!

If your wife complains about weight gain, soreness or difficulties of pregnancy it does not mean you were meant to fix it or even levy comment.

Oftentimes all your woman needs is to vent a bit.

She may also be trying to share the pregnancy with you, but since you can’t actually share the physical changes your portion is limited to a listening ear.

So remember this: open ears with a closed mouth avoids trouble!

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