Pregnancy Week 26 : What To Expect

Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening in pregnancy week 26… first let’s look at your baby’s development…

Baby’s Nose Is Open!

Does your baby have a winning nose?

Be it button or an outright schnoz, this week your baby’s nose opens up. Up until now the nasal passages are plugged.

The nostrils aren’t the only facial feature to open up this week.

For the first time your baby’s little peepers flutter open as the eyelids are now released and blinkable.

Babies can see light and dark through mom’s belly and have been known to react to it.

Parents can have fun ‘play’ time with baby by shining a flashlight on mom’s belly and seeing how the little one reacts.

Some babies swim, moth like to the light, while others move away preferring the darker corners of the pool.

How’s Mom Feeling?

You have certainly noticed your belly as every passage of pregnancy weeks 1-40 cause it to expand.

Have you begun to see a dark line beginning at your navel and running downward? This is called “liena negra” and it is very common in pregnancy.

The line is not permanent.

It will fade and disappear after your baby is born. Pregnancy comes with a whole host of other skin changes as well.

The black line on your belly is just a beginning. Acne, dryness, redness, darkening areola and stretch marks round out the list nicely.

To keep your skin pampered and healthy, invest in a moisture rich soap and a luxurious lotion for your face as well as your body; then cleanse, moisturize and repeat.

What’s In Store For Dad?

Mom is getting bigger, but she still feels pretty good right now.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to suggest pregnancy belly photos.

These pics don’t have to be of the racy, all natural mommy and bun in the buff variety.

Even a professional photo of mom’s belly in a flattering maternity top will be treasured as a pregnancy memory.

Now is also the time to think about another matter personal to many men: circumcision.

Officially, ACOG has issued a statement that circumcision is not medically necessary. As a result many insurance companies have stopped offering coverage for what is now being termed ‘cosmetic surgery’.

Medical costs should not be the deciding factor, so you may have a bit of research to do to help you decide if circumcision is what you really want for your son.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about the goings on in pregnancy week 26!

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