Pregnancy Week 27 : What To Expect

What should you expect to happen in pregnancy week 27?

How’s Your Baby Developing?

This is a big week for baby: gestation has granted baby a cowlick, better inner ear function and head control! What does all that mean?

Well, if your hair swirls out of control over the forehead or your mother-in-law has a widow’s peak, this week will tell what genetic impact those hair-raising traits will have on Jr.

The hair follicles are forming and getting into line for swirling at the crown and cowlicks in the front.

The inner ear this week becomes better wired to the brain as nerves and other message relaying devices are more completely formed.

This means in addition to light, your bundle may jump or startle at sound.

If this is the case your child could nod his approval or shake his dismay at the noise.

With the advances in spinal growth of the previous weeks baby can now move that little noggin with more precise control from side to side and up then down.

Of course, the muscles will need a bit of strengthening before she is able to have perfect control over the heavy head once birth pushes her into the outside world, but now all the mechanisms are in place.

What Clothes, Mom?

Cloth or disposable?

That is the question facing new mothers. Does the desire to save the planet outweigh the sheer ease factor of disposable diapers?

Another consideration is the upfront investment. Cloth diapers are a onetime expense and save you money in the long run, but it is a doozie of a bill all up front.

If you want to go green, start saving your greens early in pregnancy to afford the diapers when you need them.

Bring Your Wife Some Water, Dad!

You probably are aware of the importance of getting enough water on a day to day basis, but did you know this need is more vital than ever for your baby and expectant wife?

Dehydration plays a responsible role in as many as ¾ of all pre-term labor cases.

Dehydration also decreases amniotic fluid volumes and maternal energy levels by as much as 20%.

During labor dehydration can cause an elevated temperature, prolonged labor and difficulties with blood pressure.

Invest in a portable sipper bottle and help your wife drink up now and during labor!

And that wraps up our overview of what happens in pregnancy week 27.

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